Andorra Weather And Best Time To Visit Andorra

Planning A Trip To Andorra? Here's a snapshot of Andorra weather and the best time to visit Andorra

Andorra is a little country of mountains and cute villages, nestled between Spain and France. This is a tiny principality that is the only country in the world governed by two ‘princes’ - the elected President of France and the Bishop of Urgell in Spain  Its beautiful valleys, heavenly ski resorts and tax-exempted status make it one of the most coveted idyllic holiday destinations in Europe. Though not very famous, Andorra is a hidden gemstone in all of Europe’s treasure box. 


So already planning to see this beauty for yourself? We suggest you choose the weather in Andorra wisely as the black ice and sudden snow melts are dangerous for road travel. Evidently, the best time to visit Andorra is between spring and summer, while winter is also high season due to its ski resorts.

Spring (April to May)

Spring (April to May):  Andorra Weather And Best Time To Visit Andorra
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Spring season comes quite late to Andorra, almost by mid-April. Until then, skiing is still possible and the spirits are high with winter wonder. By April end though, the temperature climbs drastically and everything becomes too windy and humid. May therefore makes for the perfect mountainous Mediterranean spring here, with sunny days and the warmest temperature of 15°C. For those who want to avoid summer crowd, May is the best time to visit.

Summer (June to September)

Summer (June to September):  Andorra Weather And Best Time To Visit Andorra
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Summers in Andorra are not hot. The month of June brings some warmth but the highs don’t go above 25°C. This is definitely a good time for hikes, walks, excursions and outdoor activities. You can visit the valleys and villages of Andorra, go shopping all-day round, chill near thermal springs after long hikes and enjoy in the resorts specially designed for relaxation. All in all, a summer vacation in Andorra is beyond perfection. The place and the season is also ideal for heart patients on recovery, as the air is clean and life stress-free.

Autumn (October to November)

Autumn  (October to November):  Andorra Weather And Best Time To Visit Andorra
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Autumn in Andorra is really a pleasant time. The rainfall is heavy in October and turns to snow and hail by November. The average temperature at this time is in the range of 5-10°C. Nigh frost is seen by November end. Skiing resorts open up by autumn’s end and the time is a mix of summer and winter activities as light snow doesn’t hinder hikes and excursions yet. You can also ride dog-sleds, go exploring the red-gold rimmed trees in nature parks or just camp out in the valley of Andorra la Vella.

Winter (December to March)

Winter (December to March):  Andorra Weather And Best Time To Visit Andorra
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Winter is the high season in Andorra, what with the valley and mountains transforming into a winter wonderland. The snow is thick enough for great skiing tracks and many ski resorts see heavy footfalls by December. The ski zones are public, but some are also privately owned by hotels and resorts. The temperature drops to 0°C and the skiing mania continues until March. There isn’t much else to do in winter here except skiing, other snow sports and shopping, as the hikes are closed off.

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