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Czech Republic Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Czech Republic? Here's a detailed Czech Republic tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
17.8° C / 64° F
Current Conditions:
Clear Sky
Best Months To Visit:
April to September
Recommended Duration:
7 to 10 Days
Nearest Airport:
Prague International Airport
Nearest Railway Station:
Praha hlavni nadrazi

Once a Roman stronghold, invaded by Germans and also been home to Celts and Moravians over the course of time, the Czech Republic is a beautiful amalgamation of evolution of many European cultures. It is a landlocked country in central Europe and sees a temperate climate with harsh winters and mild summers. The country is home to the unique Bohemian culture that originated here, as well as historical and ancient structures that are beautiful and haunting in equal measures. Tourism in the Czech Republic is a major affair and you will find the best times to explore in summer and spring. Read this travel guide to make an overview plan for your trip to the Czech Republic.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Czech Republic Tourism And Travel Guide
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The easiest and most convenient way to reach the Czech Republic from India is to take a flight. There are, however, other options available from Europe.


By Air:

The country has four main international airports - Prague Airport, Karlovy Vary Airport, Brno Airport and Ostrava Airport. Regular flights from India are available that take your from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc to the Czech Republic with airlines like Air India, Austrian Airways, Fin Air, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and Emirates.


By Road:

This landlocked country can be crossed into by road from Poland, Slovakia, Germany or Austria. You can either drive a car yourself with your international driver’s licence in place or hire a car with driver. Most highways are well connected and lead to Prague or Brno on either side of the country. Bus services that you can book from European countries are Eurolines, RegioJet, Flixbus, Hello, Ecolines etc.


By Rail:

The country has been laid with a very intricate and efficient rail network, one that is much cheaper and more convenient for domestic travel. You will get European InterCity network working between countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland, shooting trains into Pragueês Station and SmÍchov.


Getting Around:

The Czech Republic is a relatively small nation and hence internal travel is short and easy by trains. For commute in a city or town, bicycles are a great option, as are caravans that you can hire and camp at specially created camp grounds.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Czech Republic Tourism And Travel Guide
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The Czech Republic is a European landlocked country that sees a temperate climate and hence the best seasons to visit are spring and summer.


Spring (March to May):

Spring is pleasant here with average temperature of 20°C and very little rainfall. April and May are great to explore the Bohemian and south Czech regions along with all the food, music and beer festivals celebrated to make for more fun.


Summer (June to September):

Summer is jam packed in Czech Republic and the temperature does touch 26°C in Prague by the peak month. Rainfall is a little more pronounced and accompanied by thunderstorms. The humidity is also very high. But you will see a lot of tourist crowd in almost all places at this time. Even the rates of accommodation and travel will go up.


Autumn (October to November):

Autumn is a marked shoulder season here and the temperature falls from 24 to 13°C. Crowds are all but gone and you will only encounter back-packers and budget travellers in most places. Karlovy Vary is great at this time to enjoy the thermal springs and spas, as is Prague for its Prague Festival.


Winter (December to February):

Freezing winters mark December to February in the Czech Republic and chill winds are an accompaniment almost always. The temperature range remains between 2–9°C, while the tourists are all out of the circuit. The only saving grace is the Christmas markets of Brno, Olomouc and Prague in December.

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Czech Republic Tourism And Travel Guide
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Tour Prague:

Prague is one of the most culturally and artistically rich cities in probably all of Europe. With its ancient facades and solid gothic cathedrals, cobbled pathways and medieval street lamps, benches that are carved with angels as well as demons, you will find yourself lost in time. Some of the best attractions to tour here are the Old Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, Jewish Quarter, Prague Castle and the Old Town Square.


Enjoy a Fairytale in Cesky Krumlov:

Cesky Krumlov has a very Disney town feel to it, from its coloured houses and narrow streets to the cobble stone sidewalks and tall towers, they all feel right out of children’s fairytales. Spend a day or two just walking around and exploring the Gothic Castles, museums, public gardens and fountains.


Discover the Boho Culture:

Boho or the Bohemian culture is indigenous to the Czech Republic, invented here by the Boi tribes. You can explore this culture by taking guided tours in Prague, like the Bohemian State of Mind Tour; or heading to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park nearby for hikes and talks. The Bohemian Coffee House is also a great place to get all those Boho vibes.


Go Undergound in Telc:

The town of Telc boasts of a whole underground network of tunnels, a labyrinth built to store wines, food and double up as shelter from fires, wars or invasions. Today these tunnels serve the purpose of tourism and make for a stunning guided tour. You should do one of these tours as it’s an opportunity you might never get elsewhere. 


Relax in the Spas of Karlovy Vary:

Karlovy Vary is a small town in the Czech Republic, renowned for its mineral-rich springs that are relaxing and healing in nature. They help in boosting immunity, digestion, cure skin ailments and other diseases. Today the town has also created many spa facilities and resorts around these springs for you to enjoy.

What to Eat

What to Eat:  Czech Republic Tourism And Travel Guide
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The cuisine of the Czechs is highly inspired by Slovakian, German and Hungarian foods. So you will find a high concentration of ingredients like cabbage, pork, garlic, pastry crusts and sirloin in their main dishes. Their most famous dishes to try while in the Czech Republic include goulash or pork stew, strudel, pork pies and Česnečka (a delicious garlic soup with meats and cheeses chunked in). Open sandwiches, burgers, dried apples and roasted peanuts are the most famous snacking items here and found on every street corner for you to eat on the go. For drinking, nothing beats the locally brewed beer, especially the ones made in Pilsner Breweries. Desserts consist of fruit dumplings or ovocné knedlíky, braided sweet breads and puddings.

Where to Shop

Where to Shop:  Czech Republic Tourism And Travel Guide
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Two of the best places to shop for clothes, shoes, branded accessories and other locally rich things are Chodov Shopping Centre and Bila Labut in Prague. At Bila Labut you also get good furniture and Bohemian glass. This shopping complex was opened only 4 days after Nazi occupation of Prague and hence marks a historic value. Other mementoes and souvenirs to take back from the Czech Republic are ink drawings of the Charles Bridge, Kafka books and merchandise, Bohemian glass products, wooden toys, graphite pencils, beers and jewellery. Bohemian head gears, dresses, accessories and bags are also a rage here, as are Czech laces and linens along with Oplatky or the yummy spa wafers that come in flavours like vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon and hazelnut. The best ones are found by the brand Opavia, packed in beautifully crafted tin boxes.

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