Things To Do In Andorra

Planning A Trip To Andorra? Here's our list of top things to do in Andorra

Andorra is a small country in southern Europe, fringed by the two countries of France and Spain. It is the 17th smallest country in the world and a unique principality that is ruled by two princes from two different nations. Andorra is a country with the beautiful mountain of Pyrenees as the backdrop and valleys and meadows forested where small towns or villages are developed. You will enjoy everything here from skiing to sledding, hiking to dips in thermal springs. For more things to do in Andorra, here’s a guide.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing and Snowboarding:  Things To Do In Andorra
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Andorra is a winter destination, one that sees very high traffic during the peak cold months from December to February. What for? Skiing of course, among other snow sports like sled riding, snowboarding, gondolas and cable cars. The mounts of Pyrenees become covered in thick perfectly powdered snow and the slopes are breathtaking, interspersed with trees. Many hotels and resorts are famous for skiing and you can choose from the best - Vallnord, Soldeu and Grandvalira.

Thermal Springs and Spas

Thermal Springs and Spas:  Things To Do In Andorra
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Since the Roman times, Andorra and its mountains have been renowned for the naturally occurring springs that are hot, rich in sulphur and high in nitrogen content - all of which impart healing properties into their substance. Andorra is known for the largest mountain spa in Europe because of these naturally endowed gifts. Ski resorts usually combine business with spas and offer you a decadent relaxing experience, especially in Caldea. La Vella has the biggest thermal spa.

Duty-Free Shopping

Duty-Free Shopping:  Things To Do In Andorra
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Duty-Free being the operative word. Forget London and Paris, the real brands with unreal prices are in Andorra. Due to its tax haven status and comparatively less tourism, Andorra can be your secret sopping destination to buy the same amazing high street stuff and gadgets at lower rates. You will find the capital city of Andorra la Vella lined by luxury brands, boutiques, small garages as well as local shops selling everything from clothes and accessories to body works to cigarettes and alcohol and perfumes. Centro Comercial Pyrenees is another great paradise for cheap shopping. Even Zara is going to sell you the same dresses cheap!

Explore the Romanesque churches

Explore the Romanesque churches:  Things To Do In Andorra
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It is no secret that Romans once ruled this part of Europe, along with most other parts. However, they did leave behind their footprints in Andorra, like the beautiful Romanesque churches dotting its countryside - the ones studded with artwork and altarpieces that look out of a dream. You must visit the lovely churches like Church of Santa Coloma, Church of Sant Joan de Caselles and Church of Sant Esteve to enjoy these ethereal sites and get Instagram-worthy photos with them as the backdrop.

Museum Visits

Museum Visits:  Things To Do In Andorra
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Now Andorran museums are not your usual fare. In fact, the country is known for its quirk in this area. You will be surprised to visit museums like the Postal Museum, Electricity Museum, Comic Museum, Tobacco Museum and Miniature Museum. There is also a Museum of Perfumes here and it smells divine!

Go Hiking

Go Hiking:  Things To Do In Andorra
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Andorra in summer is a hikers’ paradise, what with its high altitude mountains with thick dark forests, natural waterfalls and thermal springs on the way, and wild animals that you can spot. Pack your bags and take to one of the following natural parks - Valls del Comapedrosa, Madriu-Perafita-Claror or Valle de Sorteny. You can also go for treks up the sloped sides of Pyrenees Mountain. There are hotels and resorts that arrange treks as well as nightly camps in mountain huts as well as tents.

Mountain Biking and Horse Riding

Mountain Biking and Horse Riding:  Things To Do In Andorra
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Andorra is a haven for adventure enthusiasts. If you are bored of the usual treks and hikes and skiing, then try your hand at mountain biking through the slopes of Pyrenees during spring or summer. There is also a bike park here with amazing trails, fit for the UCI World Cup. The Vallnord Bike Park boasts of 29 circuits and also has a kiddy area. You can also go for something more ancient here, like horse riding. If you are a seasoned rider then saddle up and set off through the Vallnord Mountain Park or Naturlandia in Sant Julia de Loria.

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