How To Reach Andorra

Planning A Trip To Andorra? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Andorra

Andorra is one of the smallest countries in the world, located between Spain and France. This small, hilly principality is nestled in the Pyrenees mountains and makes for a heavenly ski retreat as well as shoppers’ paradise with its duty free shopping. Andorra is one of those unique countries that has no airport of its own. You can only reach Andorra by travelling on road after flying into either France or Spain. Here are details on the same.

By Plane

By Plane:  How To Reach Andorra
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Andorra, due to the lack of an airport of its own, receives visitors who fly into the nearby airports of Spain or France. You can take a flight to one of the following airports from Mumbai or Delhi - Toulouse (France) or Barcelona (Spain). Perpignan and Girona airports are also accessible to fliers. From the airport you can take the coach or hire a car to drive you to Andorra.

By Helicopter

By Helicopter:  How To Reach Andorra
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Though Andorra has no international airport, it boasts of three very well developed and widely used heliports. The three heliports are located in Andorra’s Arinsal, Escaldes-Endogordany and La Massana and receive commercial helicopters from all the nearby cities. So if you are not keen on a road journey to Andorra, you can take a helicopter flight from Barcelona or Toulouse.

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Andorra
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Andorra is best reached by road; except for helicopters, this is the only means to make your way to this country. One main highway connects France to Andorra, and another good road network from Spain. Barcelona to Andorra is a 4 hour car journey, while coaches may take a bit longer due to pit-stops. The roads are not great but doable. 


If you are driving to Andorra then make sure you fill up your tank as soon as you cross into the country, as the fuel is 30% cheaper than French rates and 20% less than Spanish ones. Also, it is cautioned to avoid crossing back into France if the Spanish side of the mountain has seen warm sunshine in the day and road temperatures drop steeply by evening. This is a sign of black ice due to ice melt.

Getting Around

Getting Around:  How To Reach Andorra
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Andorra is a very small country, so small that it can fit five times into London city. Now most of the significant villages and tourist hotspots in the country are connected by the local bus service - Cooperative Interurbana Andorrana S. A. There are 8 main lines and they all dissect the main capital town of Andorra La Vella. The frequency of these buses varies from 10 minutes to 4 hours (for very far-flung, rural places). This is the best way to get around, however, you can also set off in hired cars or walk along if the distance is suitable to you.

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