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Russia Weather And Best Time To Visit Russia

Planning A Trip To Russia? Here's a snapshot of Russia weather and the best time to visit Russia

Russia, the land of winter palaces and ballerinas and vodka, is also the land of Bolshevik Revolution and World Wars and Cold War. Once a staunch communist nation that went by the name of Soviet Union, today Russia is a progressive land, one that is in league to be the World Power close behind the United States. Russia is blessed with one of the largest, most vivid landmasses in the world and has everything, from Ural mountains and the Volga river and diverse vegetation to frigid snow deserts. Hence when you plan a visit, you must know different weather insights of Russia. 


Through all four seasons, here’s a little guide to help you determine the best time for your visit to Russia.

Spring (March to May)

Spring (March to May):  Russia Weather And Best Time To Visit Russia
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Spring arrives in Russia by the beginning of March and marks the thawing of all those thick layers of winter snow. It is a season of transformation, and from a white stormy wonderland, Russia turns to an abode of mother spring. Streams flood, trees become full with greens and the cities start making noise again. Still, this is not a great time to visit Russia as the streets are slippery with melting snow all through April. May is good, with temperatures soaring into 20s. 9th May is celebrated as Victory Day in the country and it is filled with carnivals, fireworks and loads of fun.

Summer (June to August)

Summer (June to August):  Russia Weather And Best Time To Visit Russia
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Summer is the official high season to visit Russia as the average temperature hovers around 30°C at the peak of July, the snow is all but gone in most cities, meadows and farms are in full bloom and everything is warm, jolly and good. This is THE time to go hiking, explore the cities, traipse into forests on mushroom and berry picking expeditions, enjoy shopping and go to theatres. The end of August again sees a drop in temperatures (they go as low as 5°C). Hence you must try and return home before that.

Autumn (September to November)

Autumn (September to November):  Russia Weather And Best Time To Visit Russia
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Autumn is an unpredictable season in Russia, with a mixed climate. While September is cold and sees the trees turn red-gold, there is also dampness in the air that eventually leads to occasional winter rains. For locals, this time is spent in preparing for the harsh winter months and harvesting their bounty, holding weddings and other celebrations before the cold forbid any form of outdoor entertainment.

Winter (December to February)

Winter (December to February):  Russia Weather And Best Time To Visit Russia
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Russian winters are harsh, too harsh. If you have ever read novels or seen movies that involve the telling of winters in this region, you would know that it is so cold that even a bucket of water thrown outside freezes before it touches the ground. The temperature plummets to -20 to -50°C as you go northwards. The days become short, until blizzardy snowy nights are all that’s left. Cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg are blanketed in thick snow, and yet the beauty of some of their palaces and monuments is really enhanced by the harshness of the season. This is a cheap time to visit if you don’t mind the frost and the cold.

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