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Spain Weather And Best Time To Visit Spain

Planning A Trip To Spain? Here's a snapshot of Spain weather and the best time to visit Spain

Spain, a country perched on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, is home to some of the most ancient history of Christendom and bears the mark of crusades as well as the great Spanish Inquisition. From the yummy Spanish omelettes to paellas and tapas, flamenco dances to bull fights and La Tomatina, Spain is a powerhouse of culture come to life. Half of Europe flocks to Spain for a leisurely beach holiday. The weather in Spain is at its best in spring and summer, while the best time to visit is definitely at the end of spring and start of the Spanish summer. Read on for a detailed seasonal guide.

Spring (March to June)

Spring (March to June):  Spain Weather And Best Time To Visit Spain
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Spring time in Spain is off-season and the north of the country is definitely too cold to do much. The south, however, is good to take out those bikinis and bask in the feeble mild sun. The temperatures are not too hot but easy enough for a leisure holiday and city expeditions. Since easter falls in April, Spring can be a good time to enjoy the cultural extravaganza of Spain in Easter.

Summer (July to September)

Summer (July to September):  Spain Weather And Best Time To Visit Spain
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Spain is very hot in the middle of summer, the perfect weather for beach holidays and swimming pool side afternoons to cool off. The central cities are at the warmest, while the coasts and islands become crowded with tourists. July and August make for the hottest months, especially in Madrid and Seville (hinterland cities). The maximum summer temperature reaches 45ºC. The most popular summer holiday spots in Spain are Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. The La Tomatina festival is held in the Valencian town of Buñol in August, while the 'running with the bulls' is also one coveted adventure festival held in the summer in Navarra.

Autumn (October to November)

Autumn (October to November):  Spain Weather And Best Time To Visit Spain
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Autumn temperatures are mild and merciful, laying down a quieter time in Spain. The locals have all returned home from coastal holidays and European crowds are gone too, leaving a wide open space for you to enjoy. The beaches can still be enjoyed until October end. 27ºC is the average temperature here in Autumn.

Winter (December to February)

Winter (December to February):  Spain Weather And Best Time To Visit Spain
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Spain sees one of the most favourable weathers of winter in all of Europe. It is usually dry and chilly but not as cold as England or France. High altitude cities see some very cold Decembers, like Madrid, Salamanca and Toledo. Spanish mountains get drizzled in snow and ski resorts open up in full swing. Winters are a good time to visit Spain if you are on for a skiing holiday or are okay with dry chilly times in the heart of Spain (Madrid, Barcelona). The temperature in Madrid is an average of 10ºC during the month of December. 

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