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Belgium Weather And Best Time To Visit Belgium

Planning A Trip To Belgium? Here's a snapshot of Belgium weather and the best time to visit Belgium

Many who visit Belgium, call it a cute country. It is now a world perception of sorts, that this country that sells chocolates and waffles and beer like the plague and is home to cute little towns with canals, small churches, baroque footbridges and colourful little homes is really a cute place to visit. Well, let us break it to you, but this cute land is also the ‘Kingdom of Rains.’ Yes, Belgium sees a very high amount of rainfall through most of its winter and part summer. Hence the weather in Belgium should be taken into consideration when planning a holiday here. 


So here’s a guide from our side, to help you determine the best time to visit Belgium.

Spring (March to May)

Spring (March to May):  Belgium Weather And Best Time To Visit Belgium
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Spring in Belgium is a happy, cheery time, with few tourists. At the start of March Belgium is dull with fog and rains, but gradually temperatures rise to 12°С, until April brings a burst of sunshine, becoming the sunniest month here. April is hence a good time for a visit, even better than May, which sees heavy rains and cold due to the air currents from the Atlantic Ocean. 


Easter is the most popular holiday celebrated during spring and egg hunting festivals are organised in parks. You can enjoy this festivity as well as tour around the country without much crowd disturbing the peace.

Summer (June to September)

Summer (June to September):  Belgium Weather And Best Time To Visit Belgium
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The quintessential Belgian summer is 16-25°С in range and sees some rain, more beer and a lot more fries. This is definitely the best season to go sightseeing here except that it is too crowded with tourists and everything is filthy expensive for the season, from food to rentals to travel to accommodation. Even so, if you feel like a visit in summer then do visit the beaches, hike up the mountains, go for walks in parks and enjoy seaside vacations with mid-range temperatures.

Autumn (October to November)

Autumn (October to November):  Belgium Weather And Best Time To Visit Belgium
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Autumn is another shoulder season in Belgium and vastly preferred for a holiday if one is vary of the summer crowds. Rain is common in autumn, and October starts chilling the country, however you can still enjoy the outdoors until the beginning of November, when the temperatures drop to around 7°С, and high humidity makes it feel even less.

Winter (December to February)

Winter (December to February):  Belgium Weather And Best Time To Visit Belgium
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The good thing in Belgium is, that the temperature rarely drops to sub-zero in winter, while it fluctuates between 0-3°C. The not so good thing is, that high levels of humidity in the air make it feel just as cold as sub-zero. There are cold, bitter winds and the coasts are freezing. Snowfall is common but not continuous, so it melts before sticking to the ground. January-February may be a little warmer due to the effects of marine cyclone, while December is definitely the coldest winter month.

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