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Tourist Places To Visit In Netherlands

Planning A Trip To Netherlands? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Netherlands

The land of artists like Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh, the lowland meshed with canals and museums by their sides, Netherlands is a brilliant burst of experiences to the senses. You will want to enjoy boat rides in the canals and explore tourist places in Netherlands, eat hagelslag on bread and cycle your way around, all at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Read this list, choose your favourite places and pack your bags. This European wonderland awaits you. 


Amsterdam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Netherlands
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The capital city of Netherlands, Amsterdam, is all museums and canals and fish-and-chip vendors on the side. The city is an art heritage in itself, holding the legacies of Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer. You will find locals cycling their way through their daily chores and boats slipping down canals. Some of the best tourist places to visit in Amsterdam are the Museum District - home to the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk. There is Anne Frank’s house nearby that holds her essence,  the Dam Square and Royal Palace. Jordaan is a must-visit, a nice place of narrow canals and trendy streets meant for shopping from local boutiques and drink at pubs. You must also take on a pedalo or a boat trip to explore the city for hours at end.

The Hague

The Hague:  Tourist Places To Visit In Netherlands
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The Hague is situated by the North Sea and has a very palpable Gothic charm to it. It is filled with old buildings that are so beautiful they hurt your eyes. U.N.’s International Court of Justice is also located here, as is the International Criminal Court in the Peace Palace. You will enjoy the beaches near the city too, including Kijkduin and Scheveningen. Some of the most interesting places to visit in The Hague are Binnenhof (the seat of the Dutch parliament), Noordeinde Palace, Mauritshuis Museum, Panorama Mesdag and Escher in Het Paleis. Automobile enthusiasts, Louwman Museum is your dream come true as it holds more than 250 vintage cars. Also, do visit Madurodam, which is a 1:25 scale model (a miniature) of a traditional Dutch city with markets, canals, windmills, schools, airport and everything.


Utretch:  Tourist Places To Visit In Netherlands
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A city in the hinterland of Netherlands, Utretch has been a religious centre of the country for as long as one can remember. It is a medieval town and is home to Christian monuments, old universities, canals and Gothic cathedrals. The fourth largest city, it entertains tourism very well, with attractions like Domtoren bell tower, St. Martin's Cathedral, Museum Catharijneconvent, Museum Speelklok, Castle de Haar, Centraal Museum, the Railway Museum and the Oudegracht. History buffs will also love the Kaiser's House in Doorn, the last home of Germany’s king Kaiser Wilhelm II.


Delft:  Tourist Places To Visit In Netherlands
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A city that truly symbolises the canals of Netherlands, Delft lies on River Schie in the west of this country, and is a hub of blue-and-white pottery manufacturing (called Delftware). This is also the burial place of the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer and marks the seat of the 15th Century power family - the royal House of Orange. You must explore the New Church, Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles and the Old Church (constructed in 1250). Other places of interest are the Prince's Court and Prinsenhof Museum, Delft City Hall, the Old Canal (Oude Delft), the Eastern Gate (Oostpoort) and the Lambert van Meerten Museum.


Rotterdam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Netherlands
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One of the most important cities of Netherlands, Rotterdam is a port city and lies in the south Holland district of the country. It is the second largest city and is very Dutch in its culture, with vintage ships museums, canal-side shops and cafes. The 17th Century neighbourhood of Delfshaven is a great place to roam around, what with its beautiful canals and entertainment. Some great places to visit in Rotterdam are Pilgrim Fathers Church, Maritime Museum, the Old Harbor and Marine Museums, Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk and the Cube Houses. The Market Hall is the place to buy your daily veggies and fishes and fruits along with Dutch delicacies like Stroopwafels (syrupy waffle sandwiches). Do also visit Kinderdijk's Windmills, do boat tours of Europoort and ride bicycles.


Maastricht:  Tourist Places To Visit In Netherlands
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Maastricht is a university town, a city in the south of Netherlands, renowned for its ancient buildings and medieval streets with a culture as vibrant as its surroundings. The city has grown along the banks of River Maas and is a commercial as well as tourism hub of Netherlands, rich in Roman history. Some of the sites it offers include Sint Janskerk Church, Romanesque Basilica of St. Servatius, the futuristic Bonnefanten art museum, Fort Sint Pieter, St. Pietersberg Caves and the Basilica of Our Lady. To explore the 50 BC Roman history, one must stroll around the Old Town Walls and Hell Gate, as well as Wilhelminabrug and St. Servaasbrug. Valkenburg is another small holiday resort nearby that is as romantic as it gets - canals and castles, spas and spring pools, and lots of gardens.


Haarlem:  Tourist Places To Visit In Netherlands
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Haarlem is another town kissing the North Sea, a trading port and defence stronghold from the medieval times. It is honed with cobbled streets and old houses, very very famous world over for its tulip meadows. Other renowned flower fields hosted by Haarlem are hyacinths, daffodils and crocuses. Some places you must visit when exploring here are its museums - Frans Hals Museum, Teylers Museum, Grote Kerk: St.-Bavokerk, the Old City Hall and Amsterdamse Poort. Spend an afternoon at Proveniershuis, a locality that houses a collection of buildings dating back to the 18th century and today making for almshouses.


Groningen:  Tourist Places To Visit In Netherlands
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Groningen is home to a harbour between Hoornsediep and Winschoterdiep canals, a commercial centre owing to its proximity to waterways. The city also boasts of a university and is the birthplace of many talented artists like WH Message and Jozef Israëls. Groningen is also well navigated by bicycle due to it dedicated network of bike paths. Some amazing places to visit here are Grote Markt square, Groninger Museum, Northern Maritime Museum, Martinikerk and the Martini Tower and Noorderplantsoen where major performing arts festival are held. There is also the Lauwersmeer National Park and the Groningen Old Town to enjoy the nature and culture of Groningen respectively.

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