Tourist Places To Visit In Sweden

Planning A Trip To Sweden? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Sweden

Sweden is a country in northern Europe, a part of the Scandinavian Peninsula that boasts of one of world’s best qualities of life. The country is home to coasts as well as snow peaks, forests as well as lakes. From beautiful cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg to Malmo and the Swedish Lapland, there are many tourist places to explore in Sweden for different purposes (re: Midnight Sun, Northern Lights, Cultural tourism etc). Here’s our list of the best, making it convenient for you to choose for your trip to Sweden.


Stockholm:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sweden
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The capital city of Sweden, Stockholm spreads across 14 islands and almost appears like its floats on water. The city is a wild combination of the ancient and the new, with cathedrals, palaces and forts jutting their way out from new contemporary structures and skyscrapers. Stockholm is a very fashionable city and the locals will always be dressed in style. The city is also known to distribute the Noble Prizes, and hosts the Royal Palace and City Hall of Sweden. You can visit the museums here, from Vasa Museum (war ships) to Swedish History and Royal Armoury, from the Skokloster Castle to the Medieval Museum and Modern Art Museum, you have your nerd-dates cut out.


Gothenburg:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sweden
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A charming little city on the seaside, Gothenburg is a delight with its 17th Century dug canals, waterfront walks, ships that pass through the port and sometimes stop by, as well as the museums that take you back to the sea in the confines of their walls. Gothenburg also has a huge arts and cultural scene, and hosts many festivals. Due to a lot of colleges here, the student crowd gives it a tangible young vibe, as well as great nightlife. Located on the western coast of Sweden, Gothenburg is a very green city with many parks like Kungsparken, Liseberg (amusement park) and Slottsskogen. Visit Haga district for unique candle-lit pubs, old wooden houses and cultural walks that take you into the heart of the city. The Gothenburg archipelago is amazing for kayaking and its awesome lighthouse.


Malmo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sweden
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Malmo can be called a melting pot of nations and cultures in Sweden, with over 150 different ex-pats living here and making it a rage. The city shares borders with Denmark’s Copenhagen and the Baltic Sea that kisses German shore on the other side. Due to the influence of other countries through the Balkan Sea, Malmo sees Middle Eastern souk-like markets as well as Turkish cuisine mingled with Italian and German. Visit the beautiful squares of Gamla Stoden (Old Town) and promenades by the Waterfront to experience the burst that Malmo is to the senses. Other places worth seeing are Malmohus Slott (Castle), Oresund Bridge and Gustav Adolfs Torg.

Kosterhavet National Park

Kosterhavet National Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sweden
Photograph by https://www.vastsverige.com

Kosterhavet National Park lies on the border between Sweden and Norway, and also Sweden’s first Marine National Park. The park should be visited for its vast collection of marine species that cannot be possibly found anywhere else in the country. Its unique positioning makes Kosterhavet sandwiched between the main shore and Koster Islands, so coral reefs prevail on a shallower level. Diving and snorkelling can be indulged in, while the local fishers will teach you how to catch a fish or two. The villages nearby are as beautiful as postcards and great for a charming, leisurely retreat after your adventure with the sea animals. You can also go camping and hiking to the neighbouring Koster Islands.

Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sweden
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Lapland of Sweden is one fo the northernmost parts of the country and evidently the BEST place to see the Northern Lights in Europe. The wilderness and its position between a lake and mountains make Lapland very coveted for Northern Lights viewing as even the worst weather gets cleared of clouds. Other activities to indulge in Lapland include summer hiking, canoeing, fishing and walking. During winters, Northern Lights is the rage all the way. The indigenous Sami people are a great bunch of folks to engage with, and they sell reindeer hides during winter too.


Vasteras:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sweden
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Located in the heart of Sweden, Vasteras is almost a lake city, with Lake Mälaren close by. The city is surrounded by industrial units and shopping arcades but inside it is a warm old town that has lovely buildings and cobble-stone streets, blushing gardens and pretty homes made of timbre. There are also a few Nordic and pagan temples and sites to visit around, along with a huge water park near the lake. Some other interesting places to check out when in Vasteras are Tido Castle, Anundshog monument and the Vasteras Cathedral.


Abisko:  Tourist Places To Visit In Sweden
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Abisko is another small village in the north of Sweden, nearing the Arctic Circle. This town is also great for viewing Northern Lights and houses the Torneträsk Lake and Abisko National Park. You will find yourself in the midst of thick, beautiful nature, especially in the winters. With mountain animals like huskies and reindeer and lemmings, mountain trails for hiking and the famous Aurora Sky Station to view the Northern Lights, your trip here will be one of winter dreams. Come here in the months between November and March to see Northern Lights as well as indulge in hikes and snow adventure.

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