Tourist Places To Visit In Norway

Planning A Trip To Norway? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Norway

Norway is a country in the Scandinavian region of Europe and locked in beautiful glaciers, thick forests, the Arctic Circle and Ocean along with rivers and lakes and national parks. Such a brilliant gift of nature was once the home of Vikings and later united under a ruler in the late 800 AD. Today the country attracts heavy tourism due to its endowments like the Northern Lights and skiing in winter, midnight sun and hikes and fishing and kayaking trips through summer, museums and wood houses and resorts almost all year round. Here is a list of some of the best tourist places to visit in Norway to make the most of your trip.


Oslo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Norway
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Oslo is the capital city of Norway and architecturally a brilliant highlight of this nature-driven land. Oslo, in spite of its positioning, has a very contemporary feel to it, with tall buildings, modern galleries, museums and exhibition centres. There is also a sea shore on one side and mountains crowning the other, making this city a dream destination. It is also a very green city and walks are the most coveted around Oslo. During winters, locals go skiing in the mountain forests and hiking through the mountains, while kayaking, sailing and fishing are indulged in during peaks of summer. For those that like city fun, Oslo is also home to a lively nightlife with many pubs and bars.


Bergen:  Tourist Places To Visit In Norway
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Bergen was once the capital of Norway and today occupies the position of pride as one of the most brightly coloured cities of Norway. It has a strategic location that enhances its beauty as it is situated in the lap of seven hills, with seven fjords and colourful houses that tumble in settlements down the the slopes. The settlement at the centre is called Bryggen and consists of wood houses that form the hub of trade and commerce. Bergen also boasts of cool nightlife, old museums and great music scene. The only drawback is that the city sees rain almost all year round.


Trondheim:  Tourist Places To Visit In Norway
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Trondheim is a picturesque city of Norway, clad in forests and creeks, with bright buildings surrounded by an old harbour. Imagine walking down the medieval cathedrals and timeless backstreets that have seen Vikings breathe and walk. You will find this ancient capital of Norway a very welcoming paradise with fine restaurants, museums, cafes and arts installations.


Alesund:  Tourist Places To Visit In Norway
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Alesund is a song of rebirth, a city that was completely destroyed in fire in 1904 and rebuilt with some of the most brilliant architectural styles and an eclectic fusion of Gothic, Nouveau and Nordic/Viking folk references. The best way to explore the town is through long walks, and going across to the islands that glitter on the harbour. Visit the Jugendstilsenteret Museum to see how the city was rebuilt, tour the Geirangerfjord and climb up Mount Aksla to see the sceneries of Alesund.


Bodo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Norway
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Bodo is one of the most coveted cities of the Nordic northern region of Norway. It makes for a significant trade centre and also is home to some awesome spots to see the Northern Lights. Bodo had been completely razed to the ground during World War II and has been rebuilt into its current beautiful settlement. The city is home to some great buildings, museums and provides links to the Lofoten Islands. Some coveted outdoor activities to indulge in here include fishing (as most Norwegians do), hiking and kayaking.


Tromso:  Tourist Places To Visit In Norway
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Tromso is situated 350 km north of the Arctic Circle itself, making it the best place to see Aurora Borealis. Tromso is also referred to as the ‘gateway to Arctic’ and is the largest city in the Nordic region of Norway. You will find many fjord here, as well as snow-capped mountains, the world’s northern-most botanical garden and golf course too. You can skip here in winter, go for dog-sled rides, camp out to see the northern lights and enjoy a pint or two in the local pub. Summers are all about drinking beer, going fishing, hiking up fjords and going kayaking to see whales.


Flam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Norway
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After all the cities and towns of Norway, Flam will feel like a leisure land. It is a village in the southern reaches of Norway and is extensively known for the breath-taking fjords. The village is best explored in summers, when the Flam harbour is bright and shiny with birds coming home and ferries plying up and down. You must definitely visit the ancient Flam Church that was built in the 17th Century, tour around the nearby valley and also go to the Flam Railway Museum. Like most southern towns, Flam is also known to show its visitors some fishing and kayaking trips.

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