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Tourist Places To Visit In Croatia

Planning A Trip To Croatia? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Croatia

Croatia is a south-European country that is a mix of Adriatic shoreline and a collection of islands, as well as mountains and charming cities. The tourist places in Croatia are all a variety of spas, Roman villas, beaches, modern hotels and cafes in some beautiful cities. If you decide to visit Croatia, you will have a line of amazing cities to hop around, from Dubrovnik to Zagreb, Pula to Split, Hvar Island to the Dalmatian Coast. Read on to find details about some of them.


Dubrovnik:  Tourist Places To Visit In Croatia
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The capital city of Croatia, Dubrovnik is located in the southern part of the country, fringing the lovely Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik is known for its charming Old Town and its magnificent stone walls that have been preserved since the 16th Century. You will find yourself marvelling at the cityscape of baroque buildings and churches like the St. Blaise Church, Sponza Palace and the stroll-worthy paved street of Stradun, along with its cafes and shops. Dubrovnik, also called the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic,’ is also home to some amazing structures like the Roland's Column, Pile Gate, Bell Tower and the Big Onofrio's Fountain near the Old Town. 


You will also fall in love with the ancient stone city walls that give you stunning views of the city and Adriatic Sea. For beaches, you can head to Lapad Beach, Lokrum Island (by ferry from the Old Town) and Banje Beach (pebbled beach near Old Town).


Zagreb:  Tourist Places To Visit In Croatia
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The northwestern city capital, Zagreb is an apt winter destination of Croatia owing to its wonderful Christmas markets and skiing resorts up in the mountains. It is also home to the 18th century Austro-Hungarian structures that dot the streets. Zagreb's streets have an old world charm and its colourful buildings make the city a stunning cross between Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Amsterdam, Venice, Monaco. Some great places to look out for here include Gornji grad or the upper town and Donji grad or lower ground. They make for the religious and cultural centres of Zagreb. You will love the Gothic Zagreb Cathedral and the ancient St. Mark’s Church in the Upper Town. For a long walk around, try Tkalčićeva Street and its many cafes, while the main square of Lower Town - Ban Jelačić is renowned for its boutiques, museums and park.


Split:  Tourist Places To Visit In Croatia
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Split is a seaside town of Croatia, located on the famous Dalmatian Coast. The city is obviously known for its beaches, fortresses and the central Diocletian's Palace that dates back to the 4th Century Roman Empire. There are many Roman ruins and remains here; as many as 200 builds, some in use and some closed. The stones walls erected around the city are also amazing to look at, as are the beautiful courtyards, cafes, hoses and cathedrals. You will enjoy a typical Mediterranean holiday here with its Peristyle open air pavilions, town gates, Bacvice beach and the baroque Palace Milesi. The Let-me-pass street here is supposedly the most narrow street in the world and worth a visit. You must also go to the Marjan Hill, St. Jere Church and other beaches like Trstenik, Ovcice, Firule, Znjan etc.


Zadar:  Tourist Places To Visit In Croatia
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Zadar is another city on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, renowned for its Venetian and Roman ruins. It is a peninsula, with the Old Town located in that region. You will marvel at the Venetian structures, walls and gates here. Some of the most coveted sights to see here are the Roman Forum, St. Mary’s Convent, Church of St Donatus, Zadar Cathedral and Monument to the Sun. You can also explore Sea Organ, Museum of Ancient Glass, Land Gate and Kolovare Beach. To revel in the town’s culture and lifestyle, stroll down People's Square on idyllic evenings. The street is home to many cafes, historic buildings and boutiques.


Pula:  Tourist Places To Visit In Croatia
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Pula is a city on the Istrian Peninsula’s tip, another seafront town that is also a harbour. The city is a fortress in itself, having been built, destroyed and rebuilt numerous times since the beginning of CE. There are beaches here lined by Roman ruins and buildings left by the Venetians who once occupied it. You must visit the Arena, which was a Roman Amphitheatre once, followed by Forum, which made for the Roman town’s main square. Other important places of interest include the Arch of the Sergii, the Temple of Augustus, the Archaeology Museum, Kastel, Gate of Hercules and the Church and Monastery of St. Francis.


Osijek:  Tourist Places To Visit In Croatia
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Osijek is the cultural centre of Croatia, the city that is a symbol of the socialist era here. You will find that Osijek is dotted with tree-lined ancient streets and mansions that are so pretty they hurt your eyes. There are three main districts in Osijek, namely- Upper Town, Lower Town and Tvrda. Due to a summer cultural program, many artists and performers throng this city. Another few highlights of Osijek include the bank of Drava where you can jog, cycle, fish or skate. The most famous beach around here is Copacabana.


Sisak:  Tourist Places To Visit In Croatia
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A city in the heart of Croatia, Sisak is located on the confluence of three rivers. The city is home to cultural roots as well as historical places, old towns and museums. The place is not far from Zagreb and is affectionately referred to as the ‘mural capital’ of Croatia. There are so many murals all over the walls, buildings and towers of Sisak, making it a truly coveted European centre for artists. One of the best things to do in Sisak is just walk across its street art, murals and graffitis that each tell a story. Some are rebellious, others reminiscent. You can also visit the City Museum of Sisak and stroll your way through its old town.


Rijeka:  Tourist Places To Visit In Croatia
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A port city, Rijeka is located on the Kvarner Bay by the Adriatic Sea. Rijeka is, for all intents and purposes, the gateway to Croatian islands as you can board ferries and catamarans from here to go island-hopping. The promenade here called Korzo is as beautiful as probably the horizon of the sea, what with its Hapsburg buildings, boutiques, stalls and baroque structures. You can visit the Trsat Castle on the hilltop or check out the Zajc Croatian National Theatre for its painted ceilings. There is also Rijeka Cathedral, Our Lady of Trsat and Computer Museum PEEK&POKE for more tourist wandering. You can shop at Korzo.

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