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Tourist Places To Visit In Europe

Planning A Trip To Europe? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Europe

The idea of Europe brings to mind castles and idyllic hamlets, gondola rides in the narrow canals of Italian cities and sunflower fields of Netherlands; alps of Switzerland and the city art of Germany. This is a continent of varied landscapes and climates, as well as different cultures, languages, religions and ways of life. Hence when you visit Europe, you are bound to have a plethora of tourist places to choose from. For your convenience to plan your travel, we have divided Europe into five major zones, and expounded on the countries worth tourism in each.

Northern Europe (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland)

Northern Europe (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland):  Tourist Places To Visit In Europe
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The northernmost part of Europe includes some of the most awesome countries that are also known as ‘Scandinavian’ or Nordic countries. These were the lands of Viking warriors who invaded Europe once. Here you will get to see volcanoes and glaciers, Northern Lights and Midnight suns, go ice sledding and enjoy Sauna.



A land located in the Scandinavian Peninsula, Sweden is a country that is said to have the best quality of life in the world. Some even say that the Swedes don’t work more than 4 days a week, though that might be an exaggeration. Tourism wise Sweden is brilliant, with cities like Gothenburg and Stockholm, the coast of Malmo, icy Swedish Lapland as well as the vast open spaces to go Northern Lights spotting during winters.



Norway is all about national parks, lakes, waterfalls, dense forests and glaciers, along with modern cities that boast of their Viking heritage. One of the highlights of tourism here are the fjords or deep rocky grooves from where rivers flow. Visit cities like Oslo, Bergen and Tromso.



Denmark is another land of the Vikings, also specifically called 'Danes' since they came from this country. Today the country is full of beautiful ancient streets, museums, seaside promenades and theatres. Some of the best places to visit in Denmark include Copenhagen, Viking city of Aarhus and Odense.



The original home of Sauna, Finland is a mix of ice-cold lakes and warm geysers. Some of the best tourist places here are thanks to the Northern Lights spotting, which is the best in this country in all of Nordic region. Lapland is famous for the same, as well as sled riding, winter sports and Christmas. Finland is also home to Santa Claus in Rovaniemi. 



An island country in the Nordic region, Island is a land of ‘fire and ice,’ home to active as well as dead volcanoes fringed by glaciers and cold lakes. Some of the best places to visit in Iceland are the capital of Reykjavik, Snæfellsjökull and its national parks, and Blue Lagoon’s geothermal pools.

Western Europe (Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Netherlands, Belgium)

Western Europe (Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Netherlands, Belgium):  Tourist Places To Visit In Europe
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Western Europe, as the name suggests, is the part of this continent that lies to the west. It is not demarcated by a border or specific latitudes but is vaguely considered an important zone. Some of its most important countries include England, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, France and Belgium.



The Irish are known for two things - their beer and their goblins. This land of faeries, castles, forts and mythical creatures is one of Western Europe’s most coveted holiday spots, with cities like Dublin, Galway, Belfast, Cork and County Kerry.



Scotland has a very deep history of invading Saxons, Vikings, Stuart kings and highlanders. The country breathes in its rich culture, quite different from the English. You will find monsters in lakes and stories of Scotsmen being slaughtered on a battlefield here. Visit Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness for most fun.



The empire that ruled half of the world at one point, England is a small but very beautiful country. You will be welcomed by castles and palaces, hamlets and moors, Shakespeare and Harry Potter tours, as well as the Royalty that dominates world media. Visit cities like London, Birmingham, York, Oxford and Bath.



If you didn’t visit France, did you even go to Europe? This is a country of beautiful women and even beautiful men, brimming with that delicate fashion and etiquette most of the world admires. Visit Paris for its iconic culture, tour across Nantes, Nice, Lyon and Bordeaux for beautiful fields of flowers and wines. Visit Corsica too.



It is a fact well acknowledged that the locals of Netherlands eat chocolate for breakfast. If this is not reason enough for a holiday then what is? Visit this country for its lovely canals cutting across cities and boathouses where people actually live. Some amazing cities are Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam.

Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)

Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria):  Tourist Places To Visit In Europe
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Central Europe is the heart of the continent, home to some of Europe’s oldest Slavic culture. You will be mesmerised by the ice-covered mountains, dense forests, castles, beaches and rivers running down its length and breadth. 



With its Nazi and World War history, coupled with the rich endowment of mountains and rivers and forests, Germany is a gem in the Slavic region of Central Europe. You will love to visit the art hub of Berlin city, business-driven Frankfurt, Bonn, Munich and Dusseldorf. 



Switzerland is one of the most coveted countries to visit when most people plan Europe holidays. With its heavenly meadows, clear as sky lakes and Alps that look like of a Children’s fairytale book, Switzerland becomes the best relaxing spot. Eat loads of chocolate and cheese, venture into cites like Zurich, Geneva and the ski resort of Zermatt.



Austria is the top destination for Christmas time, renowned for its night markets during the festive season of December. Mostly it sees a high summer tourism in cities like Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck - there are national parks, museums, resorts, valleys and lakes. Winter tourism in high during the Christmas months of November and December.

Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Andorra)

Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Andorra):  Tourist Places To Visit In Europe
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South of Europe is the exotic part of this continent, what with the cobalt and aqua seas like the Mediterranean and the Aegean kissing the landmass. It makes for one hell of a holiday, this part of Europe, with its beaches and seaside resorts, fishing escapades and fresh seafood. 



The country of Spain is a beautiful burst of senses on a new visitor. You will be treated to beaches and islands and ancient squares and buildings, gazpacho soups and tapas and churros. Some of Spain’s best tourist cities are Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Barcelona



The home of Port Wine, this country is a mix of culture, history and breath-taking beauty. From the red-roofed houses of Lisbon to the stunning vistas of Sintra and Braga, from Evora to Porto, Lisbon beckons tourism in all its shades. There are beaches as well as palaces to coax the wandering travellers here.



Now this is one country that need no introduction. The world knows it as the harbinger of pastas and pizzas, the hub of the Vatican church as well as one of the most advanced civilisations of the medieval times. Visit some of delightful Italian cities including Rome, the Vatican City, Piza, Florence and the stunning Venice.



Islands off the Europe-Asia divide, the crisp air of the Mediterranean and temples and monuments that take you back to the time before CE. Greece is one of the top rated tourism hubs in Europe. It has grown over the years to accommodate tourism, in spite of the dire state of its economy. Visit the capital city of Athens, go to Crete, Mykonos as well as Rhodes. Santorini is another brilliant island with the patent Greek white-washed homes and cobalt blue domes. 



Sitting by the stunning aqua green coloured Adriatic sea, Croatia is home to a collection of islands off the Dalmatian Coast. You will find yourself lost in the whirlpool of roman villages, ruins of erstwhile charming cities, spa towns and beaches. Do visit Zagreb, Split, Pula and Hvar Island.

Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine)

Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine):  Tourist Places To Visit In Europe
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Eastern Europe has an interesting mix of destinations to offer, though it is not on the popular touring list of most people coming to Europe. The zone is home to quite frigid landscapes, old world streets, charming ancient squares, theatres ad palaces to break the harshness of nature. 



One of the most sophisticated and ancient countries in the area, Hungary boasts of baroque architecture, monuments, palaces and lake districts. You can visit the city of Budapest to see how the city is sliced into two by a river, spend a weekend in Balaton or enjoy the beauty of Eger.


Czech Republic:

Erstwhile known as Czechoslovakia, the country became Czech Republic after it separated from Slovakia. The country has a very beautiful core consisting of Fairytales and Bohemian vibes. You will enjoy the amalgamation of castles and foot bridges, free-spirited streams and parks. Visit the town of Brno for modern museums and galleries, Český Krumlov to live in a fairytale town and Prague to enjoy the feeling of an era gone by.



One of the world’s largest countries, Russia has had a very vivid history. From being ruled by the Tsar to undergoing a revolution, the horrors of World Wars and rise of Communism. Later in the century, the communist country did break apart to give birth to Russia. And what a beauty it is. From the old monuments of Moscow to St Petersburg and its ballet theatres, Kazan to Lake Baikal. It is endowed with nature as well as culture.

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