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Tourist Places To Visit In Ibiza

Planning A Trip To Ibiza? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Ibiza

Ibiza has often been labelled as a nonstop party destination for the world’s rich and elite. However, what’s surprising is how many hidden spots there are here that offer something unique and different for visitors. The city has an interesting history and culture which is recommended to be explored. There’s more of a chilled out vibe to most of the best places to visit which includes resto-bars like Café Del Mar, beaches like Cala Comte and even hippy markets. There is something unique on offer here to satisfy all visitors.

Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art

Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ibiza
Photograph by www.seeibiza.com

A surprising choice for such a small island most famously known for its bustling nightlife scene, this museum is actually one of the best places to visit. The galleries here have a wide variety of Antoni Marí Ribas’s works in a permanent section of the gallery as well as periodic displays from a variety of painters, designers and sculptors. This is an ideal place for art and history lovers.

Casita Verde

Casita Verde:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ibiza
Photograph by en.welcometoibiza.com

Another unique place to explore on the island is the Casita Verde building, an eco-friendly structure that serves as a holistic getaway for visitors. Run by volunteers, every Sunday the building welcomes guests to enjoy some home-cooked delicious vegetarian food, interactive workshop sessions, and rehabilitations and even massages. This is a great place for visitors looking to enjoy a more relaxed side of Ibiza.

Bar Anita

Bar Anita:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ibiza
Photograph by en.welcometoibiza.com

Located in the hippie part of town in the northern village of San Carlos, this bar is a great place to visit to get an understanding of Ibiza’s past. With an outdoor seating area and eclectic collection of artworks scattered all around, this bar has been around since the early 60’s and 70’s and was frequented by many significant artists who treated it as their hangout spot. Visitors can enjoy a few drinks and some snacks here as well.

Cala Comte

Cala Comte:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ibiza
Photograph by www.ibiza-spotlight.com

One of the best family hangout spots in Ibiza, the shallow water levels make it the perfect place to bring kids for a daytime picnic. There is a narrow stretch of beach here which is perfect for lounging and sunbathing. Post sunset there are a number of cafes and bars on the rocky landscape higher up which offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding sea and city.

Hippy Markets

Hippy Markets:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ibiza
Photograph by www.ibiza-spotlight.com

Any of the flea or hippy markets in the area are ideal places to visit for visitors travelling on a budget or looking to get a deeper insight into the island city’s culture. Las Dalias is the go-to night market for the best budget buys like clothing, accessories and artefacts. Punta Arabi is the most popular and biggest market in terms of scale. Visitors can enjoy live musical and cultural performances, art and wide variety of other fun activities.

Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ibiza
Photograph by www.booking.com

This is one of the most significant historic places in the city and the best lookout point, offering scenic panoramic views of the surrounding city and neighbouring Mediterranean Sea. The area used to serve as a fort and still has cannons situated around certain parts of the structure. The winding staircases here also lead up to a cathedral which is another iconic city structure.

Café Del Mar

Café Del Mar:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ibiza
Photograph by https://de.wikipedia.org

Opened in 1980, this café is another one of the most popular and iconic places to visit in Ibiza. The chilled out décor, stunning views and rich history of this spot continues to draw throngs of partygoers and visitors from across the world. The sunset parties here are world-class and often continue deep into the early hours of the morning and the space welcomes some of the biggest electronic artists on a regular basis.

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