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Tourist Places To Visit In Granada

Planning A Trip To Granada? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Granada

Granada continues to mesmerize visitors who travel here. It offers visitors a unique experience of a variety of historic cultural influences that have amalgamated to somehow create spectacular historic structures and an atmosphere of diversity and acceptance. The Sierra Nevada Mountain Ranges provide an exquisite backdrop to the city. The highlight of the city is undoubtedly the elevated Alhambra complex that resembles an impenetrable fortress. Additionally, the Albaicin, Sacromonte and La Alcaicería areas all offer distinct historical perspectives on the evolution of the city and offer visitors a special experience. All in all, there is something to keep visitors coming back to Granada for more, including these tourist places.


Alhambra:  Tourist Places To Visit In Granada
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A true masterpiece of Moorish-inspired architecture, Alhambra is the premier tourist destination of Granada. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this palatial complex was created between the 13th and 15th century. It is filled with courtyards, strongholds and small fortresses. The Generalife Palace which served as the Nasrid rulers summer home is another site to behold here. Visitors will thoroughly enjoy the curated gardens and fountains that line its walls.


Albaicin:  Tourist Places To Visit In Granada
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Another UNESCO-listed site, the stunning neighbourhood of Albaicin or the Arab Quarter is another one of the best tourist places to visit in the city. The area is characterized by white-washed houses all bearing influences from the Moorish design style. From Albaicin there are a few special lookout points where visitors can observe the Alhambra Palace from. This is definitely a must-visit spot.

Capilla Real

Capilla Real:  Tourist Places To Visit In Granada
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Also known as the Royal Chapel, this is another one of the tourist hotspots in Granada. Extending nearly 47 meters high, forms a part of the Catedral Santa María de la Encarnación. One of the standout features of this chapel is catalogue of stunning artwork on offer for viewing. The collection comprises of Botticelli's Christ on the Mount of Olives and Hans Memling's Descent from the Cross.

Catedral Santa María de la Encarnación

Catedral Santa María de la Encarnación:  Tourist Places To Visit In Granada
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The 2nd largest cathedral in Spain, this is a massively popular tourist spot. The cathedral stands as an exquisite example of the cultural amalgamation’s influence on Granada. What started as a Renaissance inspired structure was later influence in 1500’s by the Gothic style as well a hint of Moorish influence. This is an ideal place for historians and design lovers alike.


Sacromonte:  Tourist Places To Visit In Granada
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What is known as the Gypsy Quarter, Sacromonte is a vivacious and energetic part of Granada that tends to be a tourist favourite as well. The area is characterized by small caverns that are distributed across. This neighbourhood is a famous spot for offering some of the best Flamenco dance performances in the country. The narrow hillside lanes and stunning views on offer of entire city, surrounding Valparaiso Valley and the Darro River make this a worthwhile visit.

The Banuelo

The Banuelo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Granada
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During the Moorish Dynasty, the rulers carried forward their tradition of Arab Baths, by bringing them to the Arab Quarter. Today this area is known as the Banuelo and is one of the most popular places to visit as it gives tourists valuable insights into one of Granada’s oldest Moorish-inspired structures. In fact the Banuelo was one of the few parts of the Arab Quarter that was spared by the rulers from the Catholic monarchy that succeeded them.

The Science Park

The Science Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Granada
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A welcome change from the historical monuments that grace Granada. The Science Park or Parque de las Ciencias, is a fantastic place to check out, especially for visitors with young children. It provides kids with an educative yet supremely fun way to spend the day. The complex includes a Macroscopio Pavilion that can explore the human body, a Techno-Forum Pavilion that provides insights into upcoming technology and even a planetarium.

Arab Spice Market

Arab Spice Market:  Tourist Places To Visit In Granada
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The market is a throwback to the Moorish rulers' time in Granada and is also a popular tourist spot. Locally known as La Alcaicería, this narrow lane was initially destroyed by a fire in 1843, but has recovered well since. Situated next to the cathedral, this charming narrow lane runs along the Calle de la Alcaicería from the Plaza Alonso Cano. It is a great place for visitors to pick up a souvenir or local handicraft.

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