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Tourist Places To Visit In Cordoba

Planning A Trip To Cordoba? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Cordoba

Once the supreme metropolis of the Roman Empire, Cordoba has stood the test of time being influenced by its Moorish and Catholic rulers as well through history. It is famously referred to as the Mecca of the West due to the La Mezquita, a UNESCO listed structure and the best place to visit in the city. Another fantastic part of the city to explore is the Old Town. This is a Jewish inspired area and is home to some of the most gorgeous residences in the city. If that isn’t enough for visitors, the art and Tapas scene here is world-class and a delight for visitors to enjoy. Each tourist spot in the city has something unique to offer visitors.

The Great Mosque-Cathedral

The Great Mosque-Cathedral:  Tourist Places To Visit In Cordoba
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This mosque is a UNESCO-listed Heritage Site and one of the best places to visit in Cordoba. Initially created by the Moorish Empire, the structure was then converted into a cathedral by the Catholic rulers in 1523. Hence, the charm of the Mosque-Cathedral lies in the fact that is in many ways a hybrid of different cultures, much like Cordoba as a city. It is a true reflection of Cordoba and is a dream for all visitors to explore.

The Old Jewish Quarter

The Old Jewish Quarter:  Tourist Places To Visit In Cordoba
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One of the most charming neighbourhoods in the city, the Old Jewish Quarter or Juderia is also one of the best places to visit. Filled with narrow lanes, white-washed walls, curated patios, this area is also home to 2 important historic structures, a 15th century Mudejar-style Synagogue and the Casa de Sefarad Museum. This is a great way to spend the day exploring yet another example of the diverse cultural influence on Cordoba.

Castle of the Christian Monarchs

Castle of the Christian Monarchs:  Tourist Places To Visit In Cordoba
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Locally known as the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, this is another popular tourist place to visit. Formerly a Caliphal Palace, this structure is located across from the Puente Romano Bridge. It is made up of further smaller halls, arches, courtyards and what is known as the Hall of Mosaics. This hall has an incredible collection of Roman paintings that art lovers and historians will flock to.

Patio Festival

Patio Festival:  Tourist Places To Visit In Cordoba
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Unique to Cordoba is the architectural feature of stunning patios. This is in full effect during the month of May when the Concurso de Patio or Patio Festival takes place. A friendly competition takes place every year, to award the most intricately curated patio setup. Visitors both local and international flock here to take in the lively atmosphere, which includes musical performances and some of the most delicious Tapas as well.

Aristocratic Palace and Museum

Aristocratic Palace and Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Cordoba
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Also known as the Palacio de Viana, this is a historically relevant spot in the city, previously serving as the home of aristocracy in the city of Cordoba. Today, it is a thriving tourist spot. The palace’s design is inspired by the Andalusian style and is made up of 12 courtyards. The inside of the palace comprises of vintage fixtures and leatherwork. The surrounding garden area is even more popular owing to lush grounds, fountains and statuettes.

Puente Romano and Calahorra Tower

Puente Romano and Calahorra Tower:  Tourist Places To Visit In Cordoba
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Consisting of 16 arches, this bridge was created centuries ago during the Roman Dynasty to celebrate Julius Caesar’s dominance over Pompey. Fast forward a few centuries and the Moorish Royals further constructed the bridge on the foundations laid by the Romans. One corner of the bridge houses the Calahorra Tower, which is now the location of the Alive Museum of Al-Andalus. This place gives visitors a deeper insight into the evolution of Andalusian culture.

Museo Arqueologico de Cordoba

Museo Arqueologico de Cordoba:  Tourist Places To Visit In Cordoba
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One of the best places to explore, this museum is home to arguably the most comprehensive gathering of significant Spanish relics, with nearly 33,500 objects totally. The items span over the Moorish, Catholic and Roman Dynasties and is a great way to learn about Spain’s and Cordoba’s rich and diverse history.

Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts:  Tourist Places To Visit In Cordoba
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An increasingly popular tourist spot, this museum is home to some of the most outstanding work from the 15th to 19th centuries, especially of Spanish artists. Everyone from Valdes Leal, Antonio del Castillo to even Zurbaran’s work can be found in this exquisite space. For art lovers and visitors curious to learn about the evolution of the Spanish art scene, this is an ideal place to explore.

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