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Cordoba Weather And Best Time To Visit Cordoba

Planning A Trip To Cordoba? Here's a snapshot of Cordoba weather and the best time to visit Cordoba

Located in the heat of Andalusia, Cordoba is nearly 1000 years old and a World Heritage City. It is a unique amalgamation of cultures and beliefs which gives it a special charm. Cordoba’s weather is classified as Mediterranean. However, the city is known to have the hottest summers in all of Europe, with temperatures touching over 40° C at times. The best times to visit are normally during the spring or autumn seasons, which are characterized by well-balanced temperatures and relatively low levels of rainfall. This makes it favorable for tourism and outdoor exploration of the city.

Winter Season (December – February)

Winter Season (December – February):  Cordoba Weather And Best Time To Visit Cordoba
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This season is relatively mild, with cold spells, rain and general bad weather occurring periodically. Temperatures average between 9 to 10° C which are decent for outdoor exploration. However, on occasion the temperatures post sunset are known to drop down to below freezing levels. Visitors are recommended to stay well-clad during this period.

Spring Season (March – May)

Spring Season (March – May):  Cordoba Weather And Best Time To Visit Cordoba
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Spring is one of the best times for visitors to explore Cordoba. However, the weather can be a bit unstable and erratic occasionally during this time of the year. Sunny periods can be followed by light winds and rainfall in the same day itself. This might hamper visitors' plans of enjoying the city. However, overall this period is favorable and normally the most popular time for tourism.

Summer Season (June – August)

Summer Season (June – August):  Cordoba Weather And Best Time To Visit Cordoba
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This season tends to be characterized by blisteringly hot weather conditions, with temperatures rising to a high average of 36 to 40° C. Days are long and the sun is at its peak during the afternoons. Temperatures significantly drop post sunset. Visitors are strongly advised to remain well-hydrated and dress light. This is not the most ideal time to visit, unless visitors are keen on such warm weather.

Autumn Season (September – November)

Autumn Season (September – November):  Cordoba Weather And Best Time To Visit Cordoba
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The summer season’s warm weather continues up to mid-September. Following this, the temperature generally subsides and rainfall is experienced, cooling the entire city down. This is another one of the best times to visit as this period comes right between the summer and winter, meaning that the weather is relatively well-balanced throughout.

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