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Nagaland Weather And Best Time To Visit Nagaland

Planning A Trip To Nagaland? Here's a snapshot of Nagaland weather and the best time to visit Nagaland

Located in the far north eastern part of the country, Nagaland continues to be an enigma for most of the people. They are home to indigenous tribes and celebrate a unique life which is distinct from the rest of the country. There have been developments which have ensured better access to different parts of the state and better connectivity has been established with other regions India. Despite this, the state continues to retain and identity of its own and which accounts for the growing interest of tourists in this state. For exploring and unearthing more about Nagaland, it is important to know which season is the best for visiting and which seasons are best avoided along with the weather conditions that prevail in the region.

Summer (March to May)

Summer (March to May):  Nagaland Weather And Best Time To Visit Nagaland
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Summer sets in the month of March and continues through May. Temperatures vary depending upon the altitude of the area and the district. Unlike the rest of the country, summers are humid but moderately hot. Temperatures can reach a maximum of 30°C which is fairly bearable. The minimum is as low as 16°C which is quite unthinkable elsewhere. Lasting less than three months, summer is the shortest season and is largely pleasant without any major discomfort.

Monsoon (May to September)

Monsoon (May to September):  Nagaland Weather And Best Time To Visit Nagaland
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Monsoon is quite prolonged in Nagaland lasting from May to September. The state experiences medium to heavy showers during these months and the intensity depends upon the location of the area and its vicinity to mountains. August and September witnesses the highest amount of rainfall. Monsoon coincides with the agricultural season in Nagaland. As most of the locals are busy with farming and there are heavy showers, tourist activity is at its lowest.

Winter (October to March)

Winter (October to March):  Nagaland Weather And Best Time To Visit Nagaland
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Winter in Nagaland is extremely pleasant and beautiful. Humidity is at its lowest; temperatures are low and are great for moving around and exploring the different areas. As you go higher up temperatures continue to fall and can dip as low as 4°C. There are intermittent snowfalls as well. This is the time which sees tourist activity at its highest and it is bustling with activity. Tourists engage in varied activities like bird watching, trekking, touring the cities, exploring the customs of the people and enjoying while enjoying the cool weather. However, it is advisable to check the weather conditions of the area you want to visit before planning the trip.

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