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Orissa Weather And Best Time To Visit Orissa

Planning A Trip To Orissa? Here's a snapshot of Orissa weather and the best time to visit Orissa

Located along the eastern coastline of India, Orissa is a state packed with magnificent cities and cultural traditions that attracts thousands of tourists to this part of the country every year and has aptly attained the moniker of being the ‘Soul of India’. Being home to hundreds of temples, Orissa also holds a religious and spiritual significance that is unlike any other in eastern India.


Surrounded by the Eastern Ghats on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other, Orissa enjoys a predominantly tropical climate all year round. While there is always something to look forward to at any time of the year in this diverse state, here is a detailed account on the best time to visit Orissa and its changing weather.

Winter (October - February)

Winter (October - February):  Orissa Weather And Best Time To Visit Orissa
Photograph by http://www.orissapost.com/

The best time to visit Orissa is during the winter months from October to February. Since most of Orissa’s visit-worthy locations involve remaining outdoors, the pleasant temperatures of the winter climate and the dry, clear skies and atmosphere make for perfect sightseeing weather. With an average temperature range of 10ᴼC-25ᴼC, it is also the season when the migratory birds visit this part of the country, making it a great place for bird watchers to explore.

Summer (March-June)

Summer (March-June):  Orissa Weather And Best Time To Visit Orissa
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Summers in Orissa are harsh and blistering with temperatures that can reach a maximum of 45ᴼC during the daytime. While it is advised to stay indoors in the afternoon hours to avoid the sweltering heat, the evenings can be pleasant enough to enjoy some outdoor sightseeing. Festivals like the Chandan Yatra, Mahabisuva Sakranti, and the most important of them all, the Rath Yatra – all are celebrated during these summer months, making this time worthy of a visit despite the extreme weather.

Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoon (July - September):  Orissa Weather And Best Time To Visit Orissa
Photograph by http://www.pragativadi.com/

The rainy monsoon season is not an ideal time to visit Orissa, which comes under the influence of the southwest monsoons and receives heavy rainfall that averages around 150 cm annually, beginning in July and lasting all the way till the month of September. Situated in the coastal region, Orissa also witnesses frequent cyclones and tornadoes during monsoon, and the major rivers in the state occasionally overflow and cause floods as well.

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