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Tuensang Weather And Best Time To Visit Tuensang

Planning A Trip To Tuensang? Here's a snapshot of Tuensang weather and the best time to visit Tuensang

The largest district of Nagaland is located in the easternmost part of the state and enjoys quite a contrast weather conditions. The summers tend to be quite moderate compared to the winters and monsoons which tend to be quite harsh and extreme. Winters are chilling cold while monsoons witness extremely heavy showers. Let us take a quick look at the weather conditions at different times of the year in Tuensang so that tourists can plan their visit around the best time to explore Tuensang and make the most of it.

Summer (March to May)

Summer (March to May):  Tuensang Weather And Best Time To Visit Tuensang
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Tuensang enjoys a mild and moderate summer. Summers are not hot at all in comparison to the other adjoining areas of the state and neighboring states. Average summer temperatures continue to hover around 27°C. The weather is pleasant and comfortable. It is considered the best time for planning a trip to Tuensang as sightseeing can be enjoyable. Summer months are also accompanied by some amount of rainfall which helps to keep the temperature in check.

Monsoon (June to September)

Monsoon (June to September):  Tuensang Weather And Best Time To Visit Tuensang
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Tuensang experiences a humid subtropical climate and monsoon is characterized by heavy showers. The annual average rainfall received by the district is approximately 1527 mm. June and July are considered the wettest months of the season. Rainfall, however, begins in the month of April and continues through September. Monsoon is best avoided for a visit to Tuensang. The incessant and heavy rainfall can throw normal life out of gears and hamper traveling.

Winter (October to February)

Winter (October to February):  Tuensang Weather And Best Time To Visit Tuensang
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Winter sets in Tuensang in the month of October and the chill continues till February. The mercury dips continuously for the period of time and January records the coldest month of the season. Temperature can fall as low as 4°C. Winter months are also driest months and offer a respite from the continuous rainfall. Tourists planning to visit Tuensang in winter are recommended to carry sufficient woolens for protection against the chill.

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