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Tourist Places To Visit In Nagaland

Planning A Trip To Nagaland? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Nagaland

Located close to Myanmar border in far northeastern part of the country lies the Indian state of Nagaland. A primarily mountainous area, Nagaland is home to diverse cultures and remains an enigma for the rest of the country. Over the years persistent development efforts have been made to bring the state closer to the nation’s mainstream life. Communications have been established and road, air and rail transport has succeeded in rendering it accessible to tourists. Today a fair number of tourists visits the state and is slowly unearthing its hidden treasures. Here are some of Nagaland's best tourist places for you to visit.


Kohima:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nagaland
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Kohima is the capital city of Nagaland. The name Kohima comes from the word ‘Kewhira’ which is derived from Kewhi flowers that grow here. The unadulterated beauty and charming environment is truly captivating. It is surrounded by quaint hills, pristine forests and a stunning picturesque landscape. Ideal for trekking, camping and hiking Nagaland is a peaceful destination for nature lovers. The otherwise peaceful city had become a warzone during WWII when the British forces clashed with the Japanese over a period of 64 days. It was an intense tussle. There is a Commonwealth War Cemetery here where bodies of thousands of soldiers of WWII rest.


Mokochung:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nagaland
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After Dimapur and Kohima, Mokochung is an important urban center and the home of Ao Naga. Here there are a number of attractions for tourists that include the Town main park located above the town center, a District Museum, the oldest and largest village - Unman Village, and the village of the Ao Nagas. Within the district, there are some more places which the tourists may be interested to explore like Langpangkong, Chuchuyimlang, and Mopungchukit. Primarily an agricultural zone, festivals celebrated during harvest and sowing season are rather exciting.


Dimapur:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nagaland
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Dimapur is often considered to be the gateway to Nagaland. The state’s only airport and primary railhead are located in Dimapur. From here tourists can take a bus or cabs to reach their preferred destinations. Many use it as a transit city as well. Apart from these infrastructures, there are a number of tourist attractions like Nagaland science center, Triple Falls, a zoological park and Kachari Ruins. The eastern part of the city has River Dhansiri flowing by while the western part is covered by hills and forests. It is recommended to spend a day before flying off.


Tuensang:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nagaland
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Headquarters of the Tuensang district, Tuensang is the largest district of Nagaland located in the eastern part of the state. It is bordered by Myanmar on its right side. It is one of the largest urban areas of Nagaland apart from Kohima, Dimapur and Mokochung. It is among the fastest developing districts of Nagaland. There has been a considerable rise in the number of schools, hospitals, colleges and amenities over the last few decades.


Phek:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nagaland
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A trip to Nagaland without a trip to Phek is incomplete. Surrounded by stunning hills, rich flora and fauna and a Shilloi Lake, Phek is truly fascinating experience for its tourists. Kapamodz and Zanibou are the two most spellbinding hills in the district. It boasts of three beautiful rivers, namely, Lanye, Sedzu and Tizu. Another great attraction here is the Khezhakeno village. Colors and festivities mark Phek tourism and make it quite a brilliant tourist destination. Phek is often referred to as the “colorful side of Nagaland.”


Mon:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nagaland
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Mon is the home to the Konyak Naga tribe and a visit to the place is an opportunity to witness these tribals with feathery loincloths and tattooed faces. They are the chief attraction of the area. A tough terrain with steep slopes and little sightseeing options Mon continues to draw people who pay a visit to witness the vibrant culture and festivals of the tribal people. They are extremely colorful people. There are a number of pretty villages like Longwa, Chui and Shangynu where tourists can visit to get a close look at the lives of these people. Veda peak and a waterfall are the chief attractions here.

Dzukou Valley and Japfu Peak

Dzukou Valley and Japfu Peak:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nagaland
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Dzukou Valley and Japfu Peak are located a mere 25 km from Kohima and boast of one of the most fascinating and spellbinding landscapes. It is not without reason that Nagaland is referred to as “Switzerland of the East.” Dzukou Valley and Japfu Peak bear testimony to this. A great destination for trekking, the trail offers a brilliant view of the stunning surroundings. The Dzukou Valley is known as “Valley Of Flowers of the East” owing to the stunning array of flowers that present quite a sight when in full bloom. The Japfu Peak is located at 3048 meters which the second highest peak in Nagaland and offers a gorgeous view of the Dzukou Valley.

Touphema Village

Touphema Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nagaland
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Touphema Village is a township that has been built by the Tourism Department of Nagaland. There are small huts that have been built and designed in traditional Naga style. The township has been built to give the tourists a flavor and feel of staying in a Naga tribal house. The village is located about 100 km from Dimapur, the township stands as a tribute to Naga culture and lifestyle. It is recommended to book these huts in advance if you want to stay here to avoid disappointments. It promises to be quite an experience.

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