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Ireland Weather And Best Time To Visit Ireland

Planning A Trip To Ireland? Here's a snapshot of Ireland weather and the best time to visit Ireland

Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and yet stands independently when it comes to its tourism, culture, history and hospitality. The Irish landscape might have its own unique identity but when it comes to the Irish weather, it falls into the footsteps of its English cousin. Rains can be expected at any and all times. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast vacationing here. Summers and autumns are great here. You must hence choose the best time to visit Ireland carefully, as described below.

Spring (February to May)

Spring (February to May):  Ireland Weather And Best Time To Visit Ireland
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Spring comes to Ireland on the 1st of February, bringing with it thawing of winter frost and hope for future blooms. However, February remains cold and dark through this time. By March, warmth starts to invade and hence April and May become the best for a spring holiday in Ireland. At this time, Ireland comes alive and is given the name of the Emerald Isle for its sweeping green meadows. March marks the least number of rainy days while by May, the place is cosy and warmed up to 15°C. However, ladies, if you want to propose to your boyfriends then make a trip to Ireland on the 29th of February. The fabled superstition encourages women in Ireland to propose their men on the leap day. 

Summer (June to September)

Summer (June to September):  Ireland Weather And Best Time To Visit Ireland
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Ireland’s hottest days are observed in the peak of summer season, with the average high touching 30°C and long sunny days to accompany. This is the best time to visit the castles, enjoy the fields and meadows of Ireland, take train journeys and open-top car road-trips (Leap Year style). July makes for the hottest month with the summer festivals sweeping most counties. For the same reasons summer is also a jam-packed time for tourism here and everything is filthy expensive, from hotels to restaurants to pubs. So we suggest you book in advance for your summer stay in Ireland.

Autumn (October)

Autumn (October):  Ireland Weather And Best Time To Visit Ireland
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Autumn is short and sweet here, because Ireland quickly sheds dried leaves and marches into a cold winter. Autumn is also the most popular off-season or shoulder season here, displaying the land in its rustic fiery beauty amidst cooling temperatures of 17°C, going down to 14°C by the end of October. Schools open up by September so local holiday season also ends, giving you more open spaces and empty castles to explore. If you are looking at a budget trip with all the highlands and hills to yourself, then Autumn is the time.

Winter (November to January)

Winter (November to January):  Ireland Weather And Best Time To Visit Ireland
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Ireland sees the darkest, coldest, wettest winter. Mercifully, the temperatures seldom fall below 0°C and snowfall is limited to the mountains and highlands. Winter is not the perfect weather for outdoorsy fun or road-tripping or even expeditions to castles (they are bone-chilling and dank and utterly dark). Instead, if you are here for the thick of winter then cities are a much better option, from Dublin’s Christmas markets to Belfast’s cafes and Cork’s pubs. Sit and enjoy the Irish culture, food and beers while chatting up the locals for superstitions and old-wives tales.

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