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Belfast Weather And Best Time To Visit Belfast

Planning A Trip To Belfast? Here's a snapshot of Belfast weather and the best time to visit Belfast

The largest city in Northern Ireland, Belfast has been mostly known either for its troubled history or for being home to the shipyard where the famous Titanic was assembled. Belfast also played an important role in the Industrial Revolution and had become a major port by the early 19th-century. However, there’s much more to this hip and artistic city than its mere association with the ill-fated ship and its colourful history. Packed with nature’s bounty and an equal variety of man-made wonders, Belfast is a great place to enjoy a fun vacation during the summers when the days are longer and the weather is relatively drier. Read on to know more about the best times to visit Belfast.

Summer (June – August)

Summer (June – August):  Belfast Weather And Best Time To Visit Belfast
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Summers are considered the best season to visit Belfast. The city never gets too hot even during peak summers but remains pleasant enough to bring people out of their homes and for the tourists to enjoy the city in all its aesthetic glory. Belfast is also packed with numerous music events and cultural festivals in the summers that make spending time in this city all the more fun during this time. Visitors to Belfast do have to put up with large crowds of tourists in the summers though, with hotel rates remaining at their peak as well during these months. Since cloudy skies are common in Belfast all through the year and the weather gets muggier as summers wear on, it is advisable to plan your trip towards the earlier part of the season.

Autumn (September – November)

Autumn (September – November):  Belfast Weather And Best Time To Visit Belfast
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The temperature dips substantially as autumn approaches, and visitors to Belfast can expect a mild and temperate climate throughout the autumn season. The city’s trees are wrapped in bright fall colours of oranges and reds, and while it is a wonderful time to visit Belfast, the city mostly empties out of its tourists by the time September rolls around. Budget travellers will prefer this season though as there are often great deals available on accommodation and sightseeing packages. Remember to carry light warm clothes as the nights can get quite cool.

Winter (December – February)

Winter (December – February):  Belfast Weather And Best Time To Visit Belfast
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Winters in Belfast are intensely cold and the temperature often dips to below freezing point. It is also the rainiest time of the year, with cloudy days predominating most of the days throughout the season. January and February are the coldest months of the year and there are occasional bouts of snowfall as well. The chilly weather of this season means it isn’t a great time to visit Belfast; however, the holiday season around Christmas and New Year’s brings joy and festivities to the city and Belfast gets packed with fun and frolic. Fairy lights adorn all parts of the city and Christmas carols can be heard in every corner. Just remember to carry enough woollens and snow boots to make the most of your trip.

Spring (March – May)

Spring (March – May):  Belfast Weather And Best Time To Visit Belfast
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Spring is a considerably pleasant time to visit Belfast. The natural beauty of the city is enhanced manifold by the colourful blooms of springtime, and the Spring Fair and Flower Show held in the month of April are particularly fun for children. The Belfast Film Festival also takes place in April, which makes this the perfect time for movie buffs to visit Belfast. A fair amount of rain should be expected during springtime as well though, with the weather remaining cool around March and gradually warming up post-April.

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