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Greece Weather And Best Time To Visit Greece

Planning A Trip To Greece? Here's a snapshot of Greece weather and the best time to visit Greece

Greece is a country located on the eastern edge of Europe, a kind of link to the east. With its rich heritage and mythology, Greece has always commanded a place of regal dignity amongst the oldest civilisations of the world. Today its sandy beaches, pristine watered seas and white-washed cobblestone-lined streets mean that it is a paradise experienced nowhere else. In almost every season Greece is merciful to the travellers, what with mild, Mediterranean weather and soft sunshine all year round. However, the best time to visit Greece is its spring and summer, from April to August.

Spring (April to June)

Spring (April to June):  Greece Weather And Best Time To Visit Greece
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The weather in spring is obviously a happy change from winters here, though not as warm as summer. Greece sees a temperature range of 11-15°C, with highs of 19°C by the end of May. Wildflowers bloom at this time and the season is brilliant if you want to do a budget trip to Greece. The tourist crowd is almost negligible, while backpackers and wanderers abound. If you want to enjoy beaches in a solitude rivalling private islands, this is the time.

Summer (June to August)

Summer (June to August):  Greece Weather And Best Time To Visit Greece
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Summer in Greece is the busiest tourist time of the year, with backpackers, luxury seekers, cruise crowd and everyone else descending to soak in a little more of the Mediterranean sun. If you want to tour on budget then this is not the most ideal time as rates are high everywhere and crowds throng the places of attraction like swarming bees. The weather though, is outstandingly favourable, with long sunshine filled days and average temperature of 21°C, rising to 25°C by July-August. Rains are also scarce. By August though, you can expect some heatwaves.

Autumn (September to October)

Autumn (September to October):  Greece Weather And Best Time To Visit Greece
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The whites and blues of Greek islands are complimented by fiery orange and ruddy coloured leaves at this time of the year. Temperatures start dipping by October, coming to 24°C average highs and 19°C average lows. Autumn is shoulder season hence tourist crowd starts thinning and rates of accommodation and travel slash down again. Since water temperatures are still warm enough, you can indulge in swimming and lazing around without worrying about cold.

Winter (November to March)

Winter (November to March):  Greece Weather And Best Time To Visit Greece
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Greek winters and chilly as well as wet. Some of the coldest months are January and February, with temperatures going down to 0°C in the inland areas. Winter generally is not at all a holiday time in Greece because even though the sun is high and bright some days, most beaches and water are cold. There is snowing in some areas and hence skiing is possible if that is what you look forward to. Christmas holidays though, are a time of great festivity and should be enjoyed here. Crete and Rhodes Island are warmer than the others and suitable for winters.

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