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Waterford Town Weather And Best Time To Visit Waterford Town

Planning A Trip To Waterford Town? Here's a snapshot of Waterford Town weather and the best time to visit Waterford Town

Situated along River Suir in southeast Ireland, Waterford is something of a hidden gem in the country. It is Ireland’s oldest city and has a striking historic significance that is evident in most of its tourist attractions. Waterford is also home to the widely famous Waterford Crystal, the likes of which are rarely seen anywhere else in the world. The climate of the city is cool and temperate, and with the mountains in the region, Waterford also experiences lesser rainfall compared to other Irish destinations. Visit Waterford not for its weather though; visit this fascinating city for its ancient historic monuments, the exquisite local culture and for many more exciting things to discover here. Read on to know all about the best times to visit Waterford.  

Summer (June – August)

Summer (June – August):  Waterford Town Weather And Best Time To Visit Waterford Town
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The peak holiday season in Waterford, summers are associated with warm and pleasant afternoons and long hours of daylight that give travellers the opportunity to spend most of their holidays exploring the outdoors. The temperature hovers between 18-20⁰C, with July being the warmest time of the year. While summers may be the best time of the year for a vacation in Waterford, they are also the busiest and most crowded time of the year. If you are not fond of holiday locations with large tourist crowds, it may be best to avoid the summer months for your trip. Peak season means that hotel rates are at their peak too; it is also advised to be prepared with advance bookings.

Spring (April – May) & Autumn (September – October)

Spring (April – May) & Autumn (September – October):  Waterford Town Weather And Best Time To Visit Waterford Town
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Spring and autumn seasons in Waterford are best described as mild shoulder seasons in which the climate is pleasantly warm and the tourist crowds have thinned out considerably. This often makes these months a preferable option for many travellers to plan a trip in comparison to the busier and more crowded summer season. The temperatures during springtime average around 15-18⁰C, and during autumn is around 13⁰C. The afternoons in the autumn months are also long and warm that allow you to indulge in some fun outdoor activities. Since the city is free of the large tourist crowds, the accommodation rates go down too, making these months a great opportunity for budget travellers to visit.

Winter (November – March)

Winter (November – March):  Waterford Town Weather And Best Time To Visit Waterford Town
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Winters in Waterford can last for almost 6 months. Like other regions in Ireland, the temperatures don’t usually fall to freezing levels, but average around 6-7⁰C. Frost and snowfall are also quite rare. While wintertime is generally considered off-season among tourists, those who don’t mind the chilly afternoons of this season wouldn’t mind planning a trip during these months. Be prepared to experience a lot of rain though, since winters are also the wettest time of the year. Decembers are the most popular time among vacationers who prefer a winter holiday in Waterford since the Christmas festivities and holiday sales keep the city vibrant and alive through most of the month. A lot of hotels close down for the winters but expect to find some good deals on offer at the accommodations that do open up for the season.

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