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County Kerry Weather And Best Time To Visit County Kerry

Planning A Trip To County Kerry? Here's a snapshot of County Kerry weather and the best time to visit County Kerry

County Kerry is located in southwest Ireland in the Munster province and is widely regarded as one of the most scenic locations in the country. Some of Ireland’s highest mountains, most beautiful coastlines and lovely rural countryside can be enjoyed here in Kerry. There are no weather guarantees in a place like Kerry. It is very much possible to experience extremes of all four seasons in a single day; it could be cold and rainy one afternoon with a heatwave the very next day. County Kerry is a place that rarely sleeps; visitors can plan trips almost all year long and they’ll always find fun things to do. It is a region that is forever beautiful, but the best time to visit can depend on your preference of sun or solitude. Here are our recommendations about the best time to visit County Kerry.

Summer (June – August)

Summer (June – August):  County Kerry Weather And Best Time To Visit County Kerry
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During the long days of summer, tourists can expect 17 to 18 hours of daylight in a day. This makes the summer months one of the best times to visit County Kerry when visitors get to spend most of their time outdoors and enjoy the region’s top attractions. Since it is high season, be prepared to spend your vacation with other tourists in the region as well. Summer festivals and horse racing events are some of the highlights of this season; Killarney, Listowel and Glenbeigh are the best venues to check out these events. Killarney’s annual Fourth of July Parade is also worth checking out.


The vast wilderness of Kerry also makes it a great place to explore its walking trails and cycle paths. Visitors can take boat trips and enjoy mountain climbs while making the most of these pleasant summer months. The summer vacations in schools bring local families to Kerry as well, which is considered quite a family holiday destination in the country.

Spring (March – May)

Spring (March – May):  County Kerry Weather And Best Time To Visit County Kerry
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Springtime is just as beautiful a season to visit County Kerry. During the months of March and April, you can expect to find the county all to yourself since the tourist crowds do not start visiting before the end of May. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with as much vigour here on 17th March as it is through the rest of the country. Nature is also seen at its scenic best, with fresh greenery and vibrant rhododendrons and azaleas visible everywhere.

Autumn (September – October)

Autumn (September – October):  County Kerry Weather And Best Time To Visit County Kerry
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By the time August ends, there is a substantial shift in not the just the season but also the crowds in the region. All the schools reopen, tourist crowds start thinning out and September automatically becomes a quieter month worth planning a visit. The weather is still pleasant, and the beauty of autumn can be seen in the changing colours of the season. Autumn is also a great time to indulge in much of the summer activities like walking, cycling or mountain climbing. Because there are much fewer tourists, visitors have a better opportunity to interact with the locals; especially in the bars with traditional music sessions and open fires.

Winter (November – February)

Winter (November – February):  County Kerry Weather And Best Time To Visit County Kerry
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Winters may not be the busiest season in County Kerry, but the region does transform into a winter wonderland soon as November arrives. The Christmas holidays see parades held every week and shopping becomes everyone’s top priority. Be prepared for a very damp season though, with plenty of rain and fog that is seen almost every day. Winter winds can be quite harsh as well, so pack enough warm clothes if planning a winter vacation in the county. Do not forget to book your accommodations in advance before you visit though, as a lot of hotels often remain closed for the winters.

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