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Things To Do In Ireland

Planning A Trip To Ireland? Here's our list of top things to do in Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom but holds its own when it comes to matter of culture, history and everything else. It is a beautiful land of seas and cliffs and beautiful hills dotted by castles as old as time. When you plan to visit Ireland, keep in mind its weather patterns and festivals to make the most of your holiday. In all other matters, Ireland is a haven of dreams, from rides in river Shannon to Game of Thrones tours, a pint or two of Guinness beers to Dublin cultural walks; and a drive of the Ring of Kerry - Ireland offers so many things to do. 

A Game of Thrones Tour

A Game of Thrones Tour:  Things To Do In Ireland
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Game of Thrones fans, and that is addressing half of the world, come to Ireland for a crash course in Game of Thrones trivia because here is where they shot major portions of the show. The Seven Kingdoms are somewhere hidden in the isles of Ireland. You can visit the Castle Ward that was the stronghold of the House of Stark - Winterfell, while Ballintoy Harbour was made into the Iron Islands where Theon Greyjoy reigns steady. One of the most eerie locations in the show, Melisandre's Birthing Cave, can be found at Cushenden Caves near Belfast. You can also check out Dark Hedges, which doubled up as Arya Stark's escape route in the second season. Guided tours are available for each.

Cruise on River Shannon

Cruise on River Shannon:  Things To Do In Ireland
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The longest river in Ireland, Shannon is a mythical recurrence in Ireland’s history, as well as is the home of the Pagan goddess who is still worshipped for her mythical powers. The river is best enjoyed by taking a cruise down from Limerick to Lower Lough Erne. Portumna and Carrick are the two most popular pick-up docks. You can either book a cruise or rent one out just for yourself. The cruisers come in different sizes and degrees of luxury, from day-boats to ferries to even yachts.

A Pint or Ten of Guinness

A Pint or Ten of Guinness:  Things To Do In Ireland
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The yummiest thing in Ireland is not its food, nor its sweet desserts. It is the iconic Guinness Beer. Such is the might of this drink that people have it for breakfast sometimes too. The drink was first brewed by Arthur Guinness and since then has been famous for its smooth taste. Visit the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin to celebrate this national drink of Ireland, witness how it is brewed and made, and get a taste at the Gravity Bar after the tour. The Gravity Bar also offers a great view of Dublin City as you enjoy long swigs from your bottle of Guinness.

Drive down the Ring of Kerry

Drive down the Ring of Kerry:  Things To Do In Ireland
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The Ring of Kerry is a Celtic tourist trail in County Kerry, known for its mystical history and some of the best Irish scenery. Killarney is the start as well as end of this circular route and you can complete the full trail in a day. Iveragh Peninsula is a beauty to witness on the way, as is the route that passes through towns like Kenmare, Watervill, Sneem, Cahersiveen and Kilorglin. On the way, you will encounter sites like Muckross House, Gap of Dunloe and the Ross Castle. You can either rent a chauffeur driven car or rent one with self-drive option.

Enjoy Dublin Culture

Enjoy Dublin Culture:  Things To Do In Ireland
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Dublin is a unique city, a culture that is part ancient and part modern; with tall buildings and museums as well as castles that rise from the heart of it. Visit the Little Museum here, along with the Temple Bar area where you will get a full blast of Dublin’s Irish heritage - folk music, bars, pubs and graffiti tours. There is the Trinity College and Brazen Head (Dublin’s oldest pub) for some history lessons and Dublinia to see the ancient Viking way of life. Finally, don’t forget to visit the Dublin Castle and spend an idyllic evening walking around river Liffey.

Eat Irish

Eat Irish:  Things To Do In Ireland
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Ireland has a unique set of cuisines and a palate that is different from England or even Scotland. The most famous thing to eat here is the Soda Bread, which is the most ancient way of making bread from cheap materials like soured milk, flour and baking soda. Other items on your menu should include the tasty Irish stew (a solace for rainy days), Galway oysters, shellfish, Colcannon and champ and the formidable Black and White pudding. For dessert, do not have anything other than the Guinness cake (a lovely chocolate cupcake made with a dram of Guinness beer).

Enjoy the Irish Superstitions

Enjoy the Irish Superstitions:  Things To Do In Ireland
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The Irish love their superstitions, and believe in them too. So much so that they will salute a passing magpie (a small bird) and be happy when a bird poops on them. Now, as a tourist, you might want to just see the sights and do the adventures and be done with it. But if you want to really be a traveller, then make it a point to head to local cafes and pubs and sit and chat with the locals. Listen to them talk about their superstitions and tall tales about goblins and faeries and leprechauns around River Shannon. These stories and the faces of these people will stay with you long after your holiday photos are lost in the many folders of your computer.

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