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Dharmanagar Weather And Best Time To Visit Dharmanagar

Planning A Trip To Dharmanagar? Here's a snapshot of Dharmanagar weather and the best time to visit Dharmanagar

Dharmanagar is a prominent town and municipality in the north-eastern state of Tripura in India. The town enjoys great connectivity and its strategic location has contributed towards its emergence as a primary commercial centre in the state. Ruled over by different kings at different times has lent it a strong historical past. The town enjoys admirable literacy rate which is higher the national average. There are a number of tourist attractions to see in and around the town. Before planning a trip it is important to know the weather of Dharmanagar throughout the year. So choose the best time to visit, and choose well.

Summer & Monsoon (March to September)

Summer & Monsoon (March to September):  Dharmanagar Weather And Best Time To Visit Dharmanagar
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There is no separate summer and monsoon season in Dharmanagar. While summer starts setting in the month of March, monsoon follows suit and hits the town as early as April which is also the Bengali month of Baisakh, the month when Bengali New Year is celebrated. Summers in Dharmnagar are excessively hot and humid. The rains and thunderstorms continue through the summer months which increase humidity in the air and accounts for severe discomfort for the people. The wetness in the air combined with the heat makes the months extremely oppressive and uncomfortable and hence tourists are advised against visiting Dharmnagar during this time. The continous rainfall jeopardized sightseeing plans and the heat is quite unbearable.

Winter (October to February)

Winter (October to February):  Dharmanagar Weather And Best Time To Visit Dharmanagar
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November to February is the dry months in Dharmnagar. From October onwards the temperature starts to go down much to the relief of the people after a prolonged spell of heat and rains. Temperatures can fall quite low like 10°C. The chill infuses freshness in the air. The clear cloudless blue skies are a welcome break from the cloudy skies that characterizes Dharmanagar skies for greater part of the year. The winter months are best suited for outdoor activities, for sightseeing and exploration of the places in and around the town.

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