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Meghalaya Weather And Best Time To Visit Meghalaya

Planning A Trip To Meghalaya? Here's a snapshot of Meghalaya weather and the best time to visit Meghalaya

From world’s heaviest monsoons to one of the cleanest villages, Meghalaya, a part of India's north-eastern treasure is sure to surprise you with plenty of unexpected destinations. The long winding roads, the quiet small towns, the rich culture and heritage of the tribes and the food of the state will excite your wanderlust soul and will leave you craving for more. The weather is Meghalaya is mostly pleasant all year round. Explore the hidden gems of nature and soak in the serenity that spreads like an epidemic here. Read through to know the best time to visit Meghalaya and plan your trip accordingly.

Summer (April to June)

Summer (April to June):  Meghalaya Weather And Best Time To Visit Meghalaya
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You can open your eyes to some gorgeous days in summer when the temperatures are ranging between 11°C - 30°C. The days are pleasant as they open up more avenues for you to explore. From trekking, camping to slow walks and quiet picnics, you can do a whole bunch of activities in this weather. In the middle of the day, if you feel sultry you can stay indoors and unwind. There are a lot of local festivals that you can participate around this time of the year. The season lasts from April until late June.

Monsoon (July to October)

Monsoon (July to October):  Meghalaya Weather And Best Time To Visit Meghalaya
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It is but natural to go back to the fact that the state receives some of the highest rainfall in the country. Remember Cheeranpunjee? Even Mawsynram gets heavy rains which makes it a tough terrain in this season. Though the refreshing green all around might be very tempting, you will not be able to visit around places and might end up curled up in the room. The season lasts from the months of July to October, although the rainfall sets in by late June.

Winter (October to March)

Winter (October to March):  Meghalaya Weather And Best Time To Visit Meghalaya
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The weather at this time will almost take you to fairy tales. The temperature ranges anywhere between 3-15°C. The days can get foggy and are visually so amazing that they will leave you in awe. You can go visiting the tourist hotspots such as Tura, Nongpoh or Umiam Lake, Lalong Park and much more. There are very exciting things happening in the state apart from adventurous activities. There are food fests, rock shows, fishing and kite flying competitions conducted for those who are interested. You can participate and get the feel of the place. 

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