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Manipur Weather And Best Time To Visit Manipur

Planning A Trip To Manipur? Here's a snapshot of Manipur weather and the best time to visit Manipur

The pride of northeast India, Manipur is a state filled with infinite natural beauty, rich vibrant culture and overall, the most ideal tourist destination for every kind of traveller. The name of the state literally translates to ‘jewelled state’; a befitting moniker for a place so exquisite. Famous gems like the Loktak Lake and the Ima Keithel women’s market have helped strengthen Manipur’s identity as a top holiday spot that flaunts the best of both worlds in terms of natural wonders and cultural heritage. While the weather of Manipur rarely gets too harsh for comfort, the early winter months are usually considered the most welcoming time of the year. Read on to find out the weather conditions and the best time to visit Manipur.

Winter (October - March)

Winter (October - March):  Manipur Weather And Best Time To Visit Manipur
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Winters are, by far, the best time to visit Manipur. It does get quite cold and the temperature can go as low as zero degrees, especially during the coldest month of January. But the snow-covered peaks of the hilly regions and the chilly yet cosy climate will definitely make your trip worthwhile. The entire ambience of Manipur is laid-back during these months, and under the winter sun, the afternoons often get warm enough to shed your heavy winter-gear and enjoy the local hotspots of the region. The skies remain mostly clear, but the weather can occasionally get foggy as well.

Summer (April - July)

Summer (April - July):  Manipur Weather And Best Time To Visit Manipur
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Summers in Manipur are not scorching like those in the rest of northern India. However, the afternoons can often get hot and humid most days, with the average temperature ranging between 16⁰C to 36⁰C during the daytime. The early morning and late evening hours are considered the most pleasant times of the day, with the climate remaining sunny and clear during the afternoons. The lush green beauty of Manipur is scintillating during these months, and city excursions and sightseeing tours can be very enjoyable on good weather days. All in all, early summers can be a wonderful time to visit Manipur.

Monsoon (June - September)

Monsoon (June - September):  Manipur Weather And Best Time To Visit Manipur
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The monsoon months in Manipur are associated with moderate rainfall, which is somewhere around 1500 mm annually. Tourists usually prefer to avoid this season for holiday trips though, mainly due to the unpredictability of the weather and travel connectivity issues. Those who love rainy weather may still be interested in visiting Manipur during these months; the vibrant beauty of the region that comes alive after the rain is sure to be irresistible to anyone who gets to witness it. The temperature hovers around a range of 23-30⁰C, with June being the rainiest month of the season.

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