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Australia Weather And Best Time To Visit Australia

Planning A Trip To Australia? Here's a snapshot of Australia weather and the best time to visit Australia

Australia, with its beautiful weather, will be heaven for all the adventure as well as relaxation seekers alike. From scuba diving and trekking to hot springs and rejuvenating spa sessions, from nightclubs and lounges to large branded stores, you will find it all in Australia. The best time to visit Australia is from September to February, when Australia's weather is blessed by spring and summer. 


Due to its vast geographical area, Australia tends to have a varying climate in different parts of the continent. Seasons here are generally the opposite of what you might see in the rest of the world. Australia is divided into 4 zones; the coastal strip, the Highlands, The Western Slopes and the plain countryside to the west. However, the year is divided into four distinct seasons, namely, Spring, Summer Autumn, and Winter.

Spring (September to November)

Spring (September to November):  Australia Weather And Best Time To Visit Australia
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During Spring, the temperatures vary from 11-25°C. The days are relatively warmer than in winters and the humidity is lower as compared to summer months. Spring calls for celebrations and festivals across the country. This would be an excellent time to surf the seas and sunbathe at Bondi Beach. Canberra is a treat to the eyes during Spring with blossoms on every tree.


With pleasant weather and exciting festivals around, tourists prefer to be in Australia during the Spring season. The Melbourne Cup, Jazz and Blues Festivals, and a visit to the Kangaroo Island should make it to your spring itinerary for Australia. We do recommend planning in advance and making bookings to get better deals.

Summer (December to February)

Summer (December to February):  Australia Weather And Best Time To Visit Australia
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With temperatures ranging from 15-30°C, summers tend to be hot in Australia. You might even face some heat pangs during this period. You might even face the occasional thunderstorm during this period. That said, this happens to be the best time to see the wildlife of Australia from up close and experience the spectacular New Year Eve celebrations.


Popular destinations during the summer would be Gold Coast and Tasmania where temperatures are relatively milder and allow for hiking and camping opportunities. A visit to Kakadu National Park during this time will be a treat for photographers.

Autumn (March to May)

Autumn (March to May):  Australia Weather And Best Time To Visit Australia
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Autumns in Australia are characterised by relatively cooler temperatures and pleasant weather. You might want to carry some warm clothes for an unexpected drop in temperatures in certain areas. This time hosts many food and wine festivals and the ideal temperatures make tourists throng Australia.


A popular destination during autumn would be Melbourne, however, it does stand true to its four seasons a day description. For the racing enthusiasts, we recommend you book your dates so you can experience the Melbourne Grand Prix. Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane are also popular destinations during this time. Sydney also has its annual Vivid Sydney show from the month of May where 3D projections are done on the façade of the Sydney Opera House. Carry a few warm clothes and ensure your bookings are made well in advance to escape the peak season surcharges.

Winter (June to August)

Winter (June to August):  Australia Weather And Best Time To Visit Australia
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Although cold, the Australian winter is not unbearable. For some, it may even be pleasant. The temperatures during these months range from 12-25°C. You will face spurts of rainfall and chilly wind which may bring daytime temperatures down to 12°C.


Australia celebrates its Chrismas during the month of August and this may be an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. The entire country decks up and it is bright and colourful all around. Even during the winter, the water does not become very chilly and you could opt to go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. This, however, is the ideal time if you wish to go skiing in the Australian Alps.


With favourable weather all year round and its exquisite beauty, no time is a bad time to be in Australia. While there, do visit the Hamilton Islands and enjoy some water sports and diving in Whitsunday Islands. Do not forget to see the wildlife parks and the famous Sydney Opera House.

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