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How To Reach Australia

Planning A Trip To Australia? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Australia

The Land Down Under, home to the Wallabies and the only continent nation on the globe, Australia is a mesmerising place to visit. Its vast geographical variations will have something to offer to every visitor, building you a vast pool of memories to take back home. It's a continent nation at the end of the day but travelling there is pretty simple today. There are regular flights as well as ships and cruises sailing to Australia; you can choose from either, depening on your comfort. To know how to reach Australia in detail, read on.

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Australia
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A major tourist destination, Australia boasts of over 15 international airports with flights round the clock. Australia is extensively connected to all parts of the world by regular flights. The two of the busiest airports are the Sydney and Melbourne airports respectively which alone ferry millions of passengers every day from all parts of the world. Australia’s national carrier Quantas has flights from all major countries of the world.


India alone had over 15 flights a week to Australia. The Air India AI308 Dreamliner directly connects Sydney to New Delhi by a 12-hour flight, thrice a week. Other carriers with regular flights to Australia include Cathay Pacific, Emirates and Thai Airways among others.

By Sea

By Sea:  How To Reach Australia
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Being an island nation, Australia is well connected to neighbouring countries by waterways. Numerous cruises will connect Australia to countries across the Pacific. Although a slower mode of transport, the travel by sea is definitely more adventurous and memorable. The cruise season lasts from November to February where you experience a smooth sail across the ocean.


The most popular cruises are the ones between New Zealand and Australia which also cover some of the major tourist cities in both countries. Other countries connected by cruise liners include China, Japan, Singapore and South Africa among others.

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Australia
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Being an island nation, there are no entry points into the country via roadways. However, within the country, tourists can avail of the excellent and expansive roadways to travel from one city to another. There are comfortable and convenient buses connecting cities within Australia. Those on a budget trip can opt to travel by them. However many may prefer the luxury of a private car. The picturesque hills and vast plains along these routes make it an excellent place for driving your convertible as you bask in the natural beauty of Australia. One of the suggested routes to drive down is the Great Ocean Road.

By Rail

By Rail:  How To Reach Australia
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Being surrounded by water on all sides, rail connections are not an option to enter Australia. However, with the seventh longest rail network in the world, all Australian cities are well connected by rail. The long-distance rails and regional rails operate on a state by state basis and have approximately one round trip per week.


While we suggest taking the rail to commute as a one time experience, it should not be your preferred mode of transport within the country.

Getting By in Australia

Getting By in Australia:  How To Reach Australia
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Once in Australia, you will be spoilt for choice for commuting within a city. You may rent a self-driven car, a chauffeur-driven one or even go eco-friendly by hiring bicycles. You may even spot some locals using the skateboard for their commute. In a culturally diverse land like Australia, you are welcomed with all your different choices.

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