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Hobart Weather And Best Time To Visit Hobart

Planning A Trip To Hobart? Here's a snapshot of Hobart weather and the best time to visit Hobart

Hobart is the capital of Tasmania Island in Australia. A commercial port and beach hub, Hobart is also the oldest city of Australia. With a rich culture to supplement its tourism prospects, Hobart is also aided by its easygoing weather. Naturally, the best time to visit Hobart then depends on the time of the season as well as the festivals celebrated in that season. To make it easy, we have broken up a seasonal guide to help you plan your trip better.

Summer (December – February)

Summer (December – February):  Hobart Weather And Best Time To Visit Hobart
Photograph by https://www.australiantraveller.com

Since this is Australia, the seasons are reversed from the rest of the world in the Northern Hemisphere. Hence you will find that December is summer time here with the average temperature range of 12-21°C. January onwards rains recede to almost nil and the beaches become very covetable for all water sports and activities. This is also the peak season here so you will have to compete with high prices of accommodation and travel, as well as hoards of tourists. Summer festivals famous in Hobart are the Taste of Tasmania, MONA FOMA and Falls Festival.

Autumn (March – May)

Autumn (March – May):  Hobart Weather And Best Time To Visit Hobart
Photograph by http://www.ipernity.com

March makes for a beautiful transition in Hobart from summer to autumn, with temperatures dropping to a range of 9-17°C. Red, yellow and gold leaves shimmer on the floor of the city and room rates, airfares etc see a steep drop. Many tourist prospects close after May until the thawing of winter. So if you want to visit, try before May.

Winter (June – August)

Winter (June – August):  Hobart Weather And Best Time To Visit Hobart
Photograph by https://www.abc.net.au

While most of the world experiences summer at this time, Australia sees the thick of winter. Hobart is no exception and sees a snowfall-filled winter. The temperatures can go as low as 3°C on most nights. Mt. Wellington is crusted with fresh snow. Winter holidays in Hobart are not at their full potential and beaches are out of the agenda, while most tourist attractions may also close. Some hikes and treks are still decently paved and adventurers might find winter lucrative for the same reason.

Spring (September - November)

Spring (September - November):  Hobart Weather And Best Time To Visit Hobart
Photograph by https://www.flickr.com

Come September and the temperatures start to rise quietly, setting up a range of 8-17°C. Spring is also the rainy season proper in Hobart, making these months some of the wettest here (169 mm). The foliage blooms yet again with the arrival of warmth and rains and the tourism here starts to wake up from its hibernation to set up stage for the big summers.

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