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Things To Do In Australia

Planning A Trip To Australia? Here's our list of top things to do in Australia

Arguably the most diverse country, Australia has innumerable experiences to offer to its visitors. Its vast geographical variations work to offer different experiences in different parts. While one may choose to surf the waves at Bondi beach, someone else might prefer dirt biking through the wilderness in Cap York and yet another person may choose to sit back and enjoy the adrenaline-rush of the Melbourne Grand Prix. Some of the best things to do when in Australia also include scuba diving, sky diving, the Great Barrier Reef and a walk down the Sydeny harbour. Drink wines and watch cinema under the moonlight, all in this land down under. To know more, read on! 

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving:  Things To Do In Australia
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Your Trip to Australia will be incomplete if you do not swim in the Great Barrier Reef and see the exquisite underwater world of corals, fish and other sea mammals. Scuba Diving with an instructor is an experience even novices can enjoy. If you are a certified diver, you can venture on this journey in solitude. The blues of the ocean and the colourful life underneath the surface will leave you spellbound. The nature’s marvels around you will leave you with a sense of humility in front of the vastness of nature. Scuba Diving can be done in the Whitsunday Islands archipelago.

Sky Diving

Sky Diving:  Things To Do In Australia
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While in Gold Coast in Australia, make sure you sign yourself up for the once in a lifetime experience of Sky Diving. Feel the wind against your face as you jump out of an aircraft from a height of 4000 km. For your safety, you do this dive attached to an expert who will ensure you land softly on the pristine white shore of Gold Coast.


Surfing:  Things To Do In Australia
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With a long coastline, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to your perfect wave to surf. The Pass at the end of Clarkes Beach in New South Whales is arguably the best place to go surfing. If you’re an expert, you should head to Cactus Beach where the waves will challenge you. For First-timers and pros alike, Point Break at Noosa Beach is a great experience. First timers can choose to paddle along with the professionals along this 200 m stretch. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb:  Things To Do In Australia
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As most say, the best way to appreciate the architectural marvel that is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one must climb it on foot. There are guided tours by BridgeClimb Sydney which will take you up the bridge from where you can see the city with all its charms as well as see the Sydney Opera House which is another experience you should opt for.


Hiking:  Things To Do In Australia
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Australia’s undulating terrain offers a number of hiking opportunities. For the fitter, there are week-long hikes which spread across The Cradle Mountain-Lake and St. Clair National Park. This 6-day hike covers 65 kilometres in the World Heritage area. For the beginners, there are day-long hikes, more popular being the Kings Canyon Rim Walk. The 4-hour long hike walks you around the rim of the majestic canyon. The 100-metre high cliff walls, the lost city and the Garden of Eden will leave you awestruck. 

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting:  Things To Do In Australia
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If you like your glass of wine with some cheese and resplendent views, Mornington is a must visit. The Mornington Peninsula, to the south-east of Melbourne city arguably has the best wines in Australia. With over 50 boutique winemakers, the area is full of limited quantities of high-quality wines which is sure to leave you spoilt for choice. An added pleasure is the drive to Mornington via Port Phillip Bay, which is breathtakingly beautiful.

Moonlight Cinema

Moonlight Cinema:  Things To Do In Australia
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For a relaxed evening with some old classics and a nice glass of wine, head to Moonlight Cinemas and unwind after a long day. These open air cinemas can be found in some of the major cities of Australia. Each city has it in a different location. However, what remains common is the movie, the food, the starry sky above, and bean beds which are available on rent.

Have a Local Brew at Australia's Oldest Pub

Have a Local Brew at Australia's Oldest Pub:  Things To Do In Australia
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Arguably the oldest in Australia, the Hope and Anchor Tavern in Hobart was established in 1807 as Whale Fishery Hotel. Later rebuilt, this historic waterfront pub is a landmark in Hobart. Heritage listed by the Tasmanian government, a local brew from the tap here should definitely be on your list.

Sightseeing in Australia

Sightseeing in Australia:  Things To Do In Australia
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Some major sightseeing places in Australia include Kakadu National Park with its large wetlands and diverse flora and fauna. From saltwater crocodiles to turtles, you can find over 2000 species of fauna here. You can even view some pre-historic aboriginal artworks on stones.


The Three sisters are also unique rock structures that are visible in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Called the three sisters due to their close proximity and the similarity in structure, these cliff-like formations are worth a view. 


Kings Park in Perth is a lovely option to spend a relaxed evening walking among landscapes overlooking the swan river. Kings Park also boasts of over 300 varieties of local plants. During September every year, Australia’s largest wildflower show is held here. 

Children's Delights in Australia

Children's Delights in Australia:  Things To Do In Australia
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Australia is a haven for all sorts of activities to keep your children happily occupied and entertained. Be it Madame Tussauds in Sydney, where the children will get to see the wax figures of eminent personalities in the fields of history, sports, politics, music and even Hollywood and Bollywood. They can take a number of pictures with their superheroes as well.


Taronga Zoo in Sydney, located along the harbour, is home to over 340 species of animals. Arguably the oldest zoo in Australia, it was opened in 1916 and is currently divided into over 17 sections being home to over 4000 animals. Major attractions at the zoo are Luk Chai the baby Elephant and the Bilby George.


Skyrail rainforest Cable Way is a 7.5 km long enclosed gondola ride that takes you across the Barron Gorge National Park. The 6 person enclosed cabins with glass bottoms hang just a few feet above the tree-tops. The National Park is home to the world’s oldest continually surviving rainforest, even older than the Amazon rainforest. You will be able to explore parts of the rainforest on foot on two of the gondola ride stations which have boardwalks made for this purpose.


While in Australia, do not forget to see the Sydney Opera House, the Twelve Apostles and the Uluru in the Kata Tjuta National Park.

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