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Australia Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Australia? Here's a detailed Australia tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
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Best Months To Visit:
March to May
Recommended Duration:
10 to 14 Days
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Sydney Airport
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If you want to see the entire world in its natural grace, albeit, in a nutshell, Australia is the place to be in. From vast mountains to pristine white beaches, from the deserts to the gushing rivers, from large expanses of the country to its charismatic modern cities. You are bound to get mesmerised by the vast range of sights and activities Australia has to offer.


Its seasons are diametrically opposite to that of most of the world, with its summers falling in December-January and winters in April-May-June. So it will not be surprising to see Santa Clauses dressed in beach wear, celebrating Christmas by the bay here. This makes tourism in Australia a unique affair. For a traveller planning a trip to Australia, here is a snippet of travel guide to see this country at a glance. 

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Australia Tourism And Travel Guide
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Australia is an island nation. It does not have roadways or railways connecting it to other countries. However, being a popular travel destination, it has over 15 international airports connecting it to all parts of the world.


By Air:

Some of the major cities of Australia like Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, etc connect the continent to all other parts of the world. There are over 20 flights a week connecting India and Australia, 2 of them being direct flights.


By Sea:

Though India does not have a cruise directly connecting it to Australia, you can find a few cruises connecting Australia to New Zealand and other Pacific nations.


Getting around in Australia:

Within Australia, you can opt to use the well-connected rail network or their excellent roadways. The cities are also connected by budget and luxury air carriers if you chose to fly.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Australia Tourism And Travel Guide
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The weather in Australia is generally the opposite of the rest of the world. However, most of the year is pleasant in some part of the country. Plan your trip according to the weather in each area.


Spring (September to November):
Spring is relatively warmer than winter with temperatures ranging between 11°C-25°C. The pleasant weather and less humidity call for celebrations and festivals throughout the season. This is also the best time to sunbathe or go surfing on Bondi Beach. Canberra regales in its floral glory with blossoms on every tree. 


Summer (December to February):
These are the warmest months with temperatures going as high as 30°C during the day. You might face heat pangs and the occasional thunderstorm. Summers, however, allow for a great wildlife safari and trekking experience. The New Years Eve festival should not be missed.


Autumn (March to May):
Autumn treats you to cooler temperatures and a pleasant weather. This is the peak season for tourists. A number of food and wine festivals and other events happen during this time. Temperatures may drop unexpectedly in certain areas so we advise carrying some warm clothes. If you’re here in autumn, do not miss the Vivid Sydney show with 3D mapping on the Opera House.


Winter (June to August):
Though colder than autumn, temperatures remain similar even during winters. You will, however, face chilly winds and occasional showers which will lower the temperature. We advise carrying warm clothes and a windcheater. Australia also celebrates Christmas during this time to revel in winter-wonders like its northern counterparts. Hence it is an experience not to be missed, with surfing Santa and snowmen made of sand on the beaches.

Things To Do

Things To Do:  Australia Tourism And Travel Guide
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Australia is the land for the adventurous with its ample adventure and water sports offerings. That said there is still a lot more to do in this country.


Scuba Diving:
A dive in the Great Barrier Reef, swimming among fish and corals is an experience of a lifetime. Novices can do the dive with trainers and if you have certification, you will be able to do this on your own, at your own pace.


Sky Diving:
The Thrill of a free fall from 4000 metres above ground level is sure to give anyone an adrenalin rush. Gold Coast will let you live this thrill, albeit with a professional who will ensure a soft landing on the pristine white shores.


Warner Bros Movie World:
A fun place for the entire family, Warner Bros Movie World is the only movie theme park in Australia. It has an array of rides, shows and games for all ages. The highlight is the Movie World Parade which brings to life all the movie characters we appreciate on the silver screen.


Wine and Ale Tasting:
Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or an ale guy, Australia serves you well. Head to Hunter Valley or Mornington to sample some of the country’s finest wines. Else, you may step into Hope and Anchor Tavern, the country’s oldest pub to have a swig of their local brew.


Sydney Opera House:
Designed by Danish Architect Utzon, the Sydney Opera House is a World Heritage Site. It hosts over 15,000 shows each year attracting a crowd of over 8 million people. Take a guided tour of this architectural marvel to better understand its history and intricacies.


Twelve Apostles:
Along the picturesque drive down the Great Ocean Road, you will come across gigantic limestone rock formations in the sea. Together known as the Twelve Apostles, they get their distinct structures from years of erosion by the waves. Currently, only 8 of the 12 Apostles stand, the last one falling as late as 2005.


Whitsunday Islands:
An archipelago of 74 islands with its base in Hamilton Island, the Whitsundays are truly heaven in Australia. This is your chance to relax and rejuvenate after all the adventures of the Land Down Under. You will also get a chance to explore the Great Barrier Reef and go Scuba Diving here.


Philip Island:
Just off the coast of Melbourne, Philip Island boasts of a Penguin conservatory. Each evening there is a penguin parade that the conservatory organises where you can catch a waddle of penguins making their way back to their burrows.

Where to Eat

Where to Eat:  Australia Tourism And Travel Guide
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Among the best-kept secrets of the Land Down Under are its excellent wineries and delectable multicultural cuisine. While Michelin does not exist in Australia, many swear there would be plenty of restaurants to choose from at par with other Michelin starred places.


Among the top places to eat in Australia, you must surely try Attica, Quay and Vu de Monde. For all the Wine Connesiurs, there is always d'Arenberg Cube for some wine and dine amidst architectural excellence. The good food, wine, the people and the scenic beauty of Australia will leave you thoroughly enamoured.

Where to Shop in Australia

Where to Shop in Australia:  Australia Tourism And Travel Guide
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With both Melbourne and Sydney being fashion capitals of the continent nation, you'd never go wrong with picking your brands from these cities. While all tourist destinations will have souvenir shops close to hotels, you might want to scour the market area for the best deal. Also, while you're in Australia, you could also check out a pair of Uggs for yourself to keep your feet warm during winters.

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