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Things To Do In Tuensang

Planning A Trip To Tuensang? Here's our list of top things to do in Tuensang

Located along the Indo-Myanmar internal border, Tuensang is an important district in the northeast Indian state of Nagaland. It is bound by districts of Mon, Longleng, Mokokchung, Kiphire and Zunheboto. The largest district of Nagaland offers a number of attractive places for tourists to explore. If you happen to visit the state, make a stop at Tuensang to get a flavor of ancient cultures and traditions. There are few activities tourists can indulge in during their stay in the town.


Trekking:  Things To Do In Tuensang
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Enthusiastic trekkers who happen to be visiting Tuensang must try out the trekking trail that leads to Saramati Peak. This is the highest mountain peak in the state and those with high-altitude sickness should never venture here. Located at an altitude of 12,552 feet above sea level, it has a trekking trail that ranges between mild to high difficulty level. The trekking begins from Tuesnsang and it is better to go as part of an organized tour. There is a 270 km isolation area which is advisable not to experiment alone and also because this borders Myanmar. From the top of the mountain, the trekkers are treated to a breathtaking sight of the surrounding landscape. Carry lots of woolens as it can be extremely cold.

Go on a Culture Trip

Go on a Culture Trip:  Things To Do In Tuensang
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Tuensang is inhabited by a number of tribes and each boasts of a rich cultural heritage and traditions. Take time out of your busy schedule to visit their respective villages and learn more about their lifestyle, practices, and customs. The Chang Tribe resides in Changsangmonko village, and believes that the tribe has existed from the time human beings came into existence in this world. They are a colorful tribe and celebrate Naknyulum festival with much fervor.


There is the Khiamniungan tribe who is found in India and Myanmar and inhabits Tuensang. They celebrate Tsokum Sumai festival for unity peace and harmony. Sangtams is yet another tribe residing in Tuensang. While most of them had migrated too Myanmar, a small group continues to live near New Tsadang Village. A visit to Tuensang is an opportunity to learn about these different tribal groups who continue to live in their own world.

Enjoy Naknyulem Festival

Enjoy Naknyulem Festival:  Things To Do In Tuensang
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If tourists happen to visit Tuesang in the month of July then they are recommended not to miss out on the festivities of Naknyulem Festival that is celebrated by the Chang tribe. The festival is a celebration of friendship as also of the culture and tradition of the tribe. The festival is filled with dance, songs and games like tug of war, high jump, long jump, and many others. There are some strange games played too which are truly entertaining for the tourists and a great opportunity to see how these tribal people have carved out their world in the 21st century. It is a gala time here in the month of July.

Visit the Living Stones of Longtrok

Visit the Living Stones of Longtrok:  Things To Do In Tuensang
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Longtrok is a village in Tuensang that is famous for living stones that are believed to be personifications of ancient Gods. These Gods then gave birth to many more stones that have migrated to different places. They are highly revered by the local people and are part of the folklore. Longtrok is considered a hub of ancient cultures and traditions and is an interesting place to explore for the tourists. They will come across living stones in Tsadang village too which is quite an offbeat destination in Tuensang.

Get a Glimpse of the Himalayan Ranges

Get a Glimpse of the Himalayan Ranges:  Things To Do In Tuensang
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In Tuensang one of the best things to do is to visit the village of Noklak. Apart from being a colorful village which celebrates several tribal festivals with much fervor and enthusiasm, the village also offers a fascinating view of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayan Range. It is a picturesque locale with a gorgeous backdrop consisting of mountain ranges and valleys. It is worth a visit to the village to cherish the amazing view.

Eating in Tuensang

Eating in Tuensang:  Things To Do In Tuensang
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Although a large district, Tuensang is mainly inhabited by tribal people and does not boast of luxuries of city life. There are no big restaurants, eateries or plush dining facilities in the town. Tourists are treated to homemade food and simple local dishes from roadside stalls. If you want to try out specialties of the town then make sure not to miss out pork cooked with red kidney beans and fermented soy and buffalo meat and beef. They are the delicacies here.

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