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Tourist Places To Visit In Wales (United Kingdom)

Planning A Trip To Wales (United Kingdom)? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Wales (United Kingdom)

Wales is a beautiful country, really a part of the United Kingdom in the contemporary setup. Wales is as old as they come, rich with its Celtic heritage, culture and the distinct Welsh tongue that is certainly very different from English. Here you will find meadows and moors, the crashing sea and infinitely tall cliffs, medieval castles and old mines, as well as a purity in air that probably is not found anywhere else on this earth. So if you are ready for Wales, here are some of the best tourist places to begin with.


Cardiff:  Tourist Places To Visit In Wales (United Kingdom)
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Pronounced as ‘caurdiff’ in the trademark Welsh tongue, this city is the capital of Wales in many ways. It graces the southeastern part of Wales and has a port to its advantage that has helped develop many trade businesses here. You will sure be mesmerised by the the massive Millennium sports stadium, Wales Millennium Centre and the city’s star attraction - Cardiff Castle. The views from this castle are amazing too. You can stroll down the Cardiff Bay, visit Castle Coch and Caerphilly, and enjoy the gothic beauty of its museums.


Snowdonia:  Tourist Places To Visit In Wales (United Kingdom)
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Snowdonia is that part of Wales which is still as raw as when it must have been born from mother nature. With its stunning chain of mountains, lakes, natural parks and forests, Snowdonia is also a National Park. Situated in northern Wales, here is the place to go hiking, enjoy camping, take a picnic basket or just chill and meditate your stress away. If hiking, check out the Neolithic burial Cairns, lakes and Roman ruins nearby. The best part is travelling to Snowdonia, which you get to do by a cog train, whistling its way to the highest peak here.


Pembrokeshire:  Tourist Places To Visit In Wales (United Kingdom)
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Pembrokeshire is a county in Wales that is a unique ecosystem in itself, a coastal national park so to say. It covers the south-western peninsular region of Wales and makes for a great vacation for nature lovers. The Pembrokeshire Coast Path is the most renowned around here, with its 300 km winding road that takes you to the top of the cliffs. You will see the seals lazing on rocks and birds soar to catch fish fresh out of the frothy sea here. There are also various opportunities here for you to indulge in wind surfing, kite surfing, swimming in the sea and fishing. Also, go out to the taverns and pubs of ancient villages and catch a glimpse of their cathedrals and castles. Poetry lovers, Dylan Thomas lived here for most of his life, so now you know where all that romance came from.


Conwy:  Tourist Places To Visit In Wales (United Kingdom)
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Conwy has a decided antiquity to it. It is a small town in northern Wales and bears the rich history of fortresses and castles and towers and battlements, some going back to as long as 1200s. Visit the Conwy Castle and its Great Hall, the Byzantine St. Mary’s, tread across the bridge that straddles Conwy River and enjoy some perusing of Welsh history at Aberconwy House. Other great tourist attractions are ‘the smallest house in Great Britain’ and the Welsh Bay.


Hay-on-Wye:  Tourist Places To Visit In Wales (United Kingdom)
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A small town by River Wye, Hay-on-wye is a very mixed culture because it is bordered between Wales and England. Here the famous Brecon Beacons National Park is also found, where people come for nature tourism. Another added bonus of this town is that it has more book shops than any other town in the area. Also, the town is known for its Hay Festival that pulls in a crowd of more than 80,000 people annually to convene for art, philosophy and writing.


Llandudno:  Tourist Places To Visit In Wales (United Kingdom)
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Llandudno is a plush resort town, resting on the seaside of Wales, gracing its northern coast. You can see the breathtaking Irish Sea as far as the horizon and it is a real picture-perfect holiday to stroll along the sea, sit at quaint cafes for coffees, go fishing like the locals and inhale the wet fragrant air. You will also enjoy the heritage tram Great Orme here.


Swansea:  Tourist Places To Visit In Wales (United Kingdom)
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The Swansea county of Wales is one of the most beautiful coastal cities here. It is renowned for its National Waterfront Museum that holds paintings, maritime artefacts, old broken boats and a warehouse-feeling to it. Visit the Swansea Market to pick up their local organic produce and sea-bounty caught fresh. Since the city is the birthplace of Dylan Thomas, his poetry is celebrated everywhere, especially at the museums and statues dedicated to him. You can also catch up on some chill time by going to the Swansea Bay and enjoying a languid swim or beach fun, or even just some sun and sand. Or you can visit the lovely Swansea Castle. 

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