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Tourist Places To Visit In France

Planning A Trip To France? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in France

France is a country of very charming men and very beautiful women, the place where wines and cheeses and croissant are not just eaten but savoured, a country that takes its etiquette very seriously. This cousin of England is by every means one of the most coveted holiday destinations and has become famous for its South of France idyllic charm nowadays, more than for Paris and the Eiffel Tower. Even so, the country of France has many tourist places to visit for you, from Paris to Nice to Nantes, from the towns of Lyon to Bordeaux to the stunning island of Corsica. 


Paris:  Tourist Places To Visit In France
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Who doesn’t know Paris? It is the fashion capital of the world, the ultimate lover’s destination, the city of tall towers and stolen kisses. Visit the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre museum. Walk down the avenue of Champs-Élysées or across the bridge on river Seine; these are some of the most magical Parisian places. North Marais is a great neighbourhood to shop from, while see the real Paris come alive on the Canal St. Martin. Go out and explore the Palais-Royal Gardens and don’t forget to visit the ‘Fondation Louis Vuitton’ - a museum that showcases all of the fashion conglomerate's history and iconic pieces. Other places of interest include the Luxembourg Gardens, Streets of Ile Saint-Louis, Gothic Notre Dame de Paris and Berges de Seine.


Nantes:  Tourist Places To Visit In France
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Pronounced as ‘non-tes,’ this is another gorgeous city of France. One of the most fascinating sites on a visit to Nantes is the Château des ducs de Bretagne or the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany. Other tourist places are Machines of the Isles of Nantes, Nantes Cathedral and Jardin des Plantes. You can also visit the Theatre Graslin, an 18th Century structure with ancient Greek and Roman architecture. It regularly plays operas and theatrical performances that you can attend. Stroll by the Loire River and enjoy the gorgeous heat of Brittany in summer. You can also take the Voyage à Nantes tour to discover Nantes and its culture and eat at the famous rooftop bar Le Nid.


Lyon:  Tourist Places To Visit In France
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Lyon is an ancient city, almost 2000 years old. Built at the confluence of two rivers - Rhône and Saône, this city is one whole museum in itself. You must visit the beautiful Roman Amphithéâtre des Trois Gaules, the old quarters of Vieux Lyon, the stone passageways of Traboules and Fourvière Basilica. The Presqu’île area of Lyon was one of the most urban designs of the 18th Century engineers and today houses the real cultural delight of Lyon in terms of cafes, bistros, museums, night clubs and restaurants. Also do explore Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, Theatre of Fourvière, Gallo-Roman Museum of Lyon-Fourvière, Institut Lumière and the gorgeous Lyon Cathedral.


Bordeaux:  Tourist Places To Visit In France
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The capital of wine-lovers, Bordeaux is located in the south-eastern part of France called Aquitaine. The city is renowned for its production of wines and can be a treasure island for wine connoisseurs hunting for rare vintages. The port city comes alive on the banks of Garonne River, where you can take a stroll or just sit and enjoy the scenes of French daily life. The 19th Century Gothic Cathédrale Saint-André is another must-visit attraction here, as is the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux museum. The city also hosts a number of public parks, fountains and towers for your outdoor picnics.


Nice:  Tourist Places To Visit In France
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Nice is a brilliant beautiful city in the Côte d’Azur, known for its very famous Promenade des Anglais. Nice is the grandest seaside town of the French Rivera and hosts amazing pebbled beaches, luxurious hotels, shacks, cafes and restaurants as well as becomes host to one of the most prominent beach-summer holidays. It has the honour of being one of the most elite European cities founded by Greeks a long long time ago. Do visit the Castle of Nice, St Jean Cap Ferrat for the lovely beaches and historical monuments, and Muse Matisse for some brilliant pieces of art. Vieille Ville of the old town of Nice is a very picturesque part of the city and makes for an amazing day walk.


Cannes:  Tourist Places To Visit In France
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Cannes, it is a familiar name in connection to ad festivals and film festivals. But this French Riviera town is also the playground of the rich and famous of the world. Come summer and the who’s who of the globe totter down to Cannes for a luxurious beach holiday. The luxury resort by the seaside pampers its guests while the soothing scenery of the town itself heals burnished spirits. You will enjoy the beaches of shimmering golden sand, palatial homes of Air BnB and hotels as well as chic avenues lined by boutiques and shops. Le Suquet or the old quarter is perfect for a leisurely stroll.


Marseille:  Tourist Places To Visit In France
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A town on the Mediterranean coast of France, Marseille is a cool holiday destination. The city is brimming with museums and ports, monuments and promenades. Vieux-Port, also known as the Old Port, is a beautiful stretch that is filed with live street music, poets writing live poetry, bustling vendors and food stalls along with art exhibitions on the road. Some other coveted places to visit include Basilique Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, Calanques National Park, the island fortress of Chatuea d’lf and the balcony of La Corniche. Le Panier has some of the most bohemian vibe cafes and cute alfresco eating places, along with cobbled streets for a winding walk.


Strasbourg:  Tourist Places To Visit In France
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The capital of the former Alsace-Lorraine region, Strasbourg is one of the few places that is snowed in during winter in France. It shares the German border and bustles to life during Christmas for the same reason. If you are in France during Christmas, then the markets here are worth seeing, as are the celebrations. During spring and summer seasons, you can enjoy picnics at Parc de l’Orangerie, explore the Strasbourg Cathedral, Palais Rohan and Grand Ile. Enjoy the sights of vivd townhouses, winstubs or taverns patent to Alsace and canals that take you into a different world.


Corsica:  Tourist Places To Visit In France
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Calling all Tin Tin comic fans to the house and a shout out to Tamasha fans, this is THAT Corsica and is a thousand times more spectacular than the books or the movie. The gorgeous island of Corsica is a French entity in the Mediterranean, filled with a blend of nature, ancient architecture and modern amenities. Do visit the many ports, beaches and hills here. From Kalliste to Ajaccio, the fortified town of Bonifacio and the stunning Bay of Calvi. You will find yourself enjoying beaches, snorkelling, swimming and exploring brick-walled towns in Corsica. Don't forget to also check out the Rizzanèse Valley and Sartène, Gulf of Porto and Porto Vecchio beaches.

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