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Planning A Trip To Llandudno? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Llandudno

Llandudno’s a gorgeous and captivating seaside town, community and resort where the mountains literally meet the sea. Developed from the stone age, this pre-historic town has evolved from the bronze age and saw the Iron Age settlers residing down the slopes of the limestone peninsula, the Great Orme. An area with gorgeous and scenic natural marvels and the house of the Imperial Hotel that allows for a beautiful walk along the flat promenade into the town or the pier, Llandudno’s architecture doesn’t take you away from its beauty, as most of its structures are well preserved and carry a varied range of historical background, that’s as ancient as the Bronze Age. Here’s a snapshot of tourist places you can visit in Llandudno.

Llandudno Pier

Llandudno Pier:  Tourist Places To Visit In Llandudno
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Spanning over 700m above the sea level, the Llandudno Pier’s one of the longest in Wales and also the finest in the whole of United Kingdom, with a grade II listing; its glorious seaside pier dates back to the 18th century with a series of attractions and shops offering infinite goodies for all. A premium attraction, the Llandudno Pier offers a variety of delicious edibles, excellent and captivating views of the Irish Sea as well. The pier’s open for visitors all year round between 10 am and 10 pm, with the exception of Christmas Day.

The Great Orme

The Great Orme:  Tourist Places To Visit In Llandudno
Photograph by https://www.procyclinguk.com

The Llandudno Bay is situated between two popular headlands of the Great Orme and the Little Orme. The Great Orme is a nature reserve and a large limestone headland with a number of caring labels of Heritage Coast, Site of Scientific Interest, Special Area of Conservation and Country Park. With varied paths around the summit, you can walk around a herd of Kashmiri Goats, enjoying the incredible sights of the Isle of Man, Anglesey and the Lake District all the while.

Mostyn Gallery Oriel Mostyn

Mostyn Gallery Oriel Mostyn:  Tourist Places To Visit In Llandudno
Photograph by tripadvisor.co.uk

Established in 1901 by Lady Augusta Mostyn, the Mostyn Gallery comes with a robust profile and shares a strong connection with the local community, with an excellent offering for its visitors that include the original galleries from 1901 along with an impressive entrance and modern spaces, a shop with premium quality artworks & handicrafts as well. A contemporary Welsh and International Art centre, the Mostyn Gallery also has a café in house and is a good place to discover some inspiring works or learn something new!

Bronze Age Copper Mines

Bronze Age Copper Mines:  Tourist Places To Visit In Llandudno
Photograph by https://www.hunebednieuwscafe.nl

The Bronze Age Copper Mines at the Great Orme are some of the most amazing archeological finds in recent times and considered one of the largest primordial mines discovered in the world. You can expect to find a number of tunnels and get to know more about the lifestyle of Britain’s ancient citizens, before the Roman Invasion. Mined over 3,500 years ago, you will get a sense of the harsh conditions that the British ancestors suffered through in their search for cooper, become familiar with the process of a rock’s transformation into metal at the smelting shelter and get to look down a 145m deep Victorian mine shaft.

Happy Valley Gardens

Happy Valley Gardens:  Tourist Places To Visit In Llandudno
Photograph by tripadvisor.co.uk

Listed as a CADW public Park, the Happy Valley Gardens slope up by the Great Orme with spectacular sights over the Pier and the Llandudno Bay, with paths conversing between shrubs, small pools, foliage and fauna, encompassed with grasslands and the woods. A 19th-century garden, the Happy Valley features a walk through a colonnade, a limestone rockery and a recently restored pinhole/camera obscura. It also houses a large drinking fountain made of sandstone & marble with Queen Victoria’s Bronze Sculpture. 

Haulfre Gardens

Haulfre Gardens:  Tourist Places To Visit In Llandudno
Photograph by http://cdn.ipernity.com

The remnants of terraced gardens covering parts of the Great Orme, the Haulfre Gardens were laid down by Henry Davis Pochin in 1870 and include a series of garden walkways from the North Shore to the West Shore with well-paved public footpaths and steep crossed pathways to the Great Orme’s summit. A short walk with spectacular sights of the Conwy Mountains and the town of Llandudno, the Haulfre Gardens may seem unsafe of precarious but have been built using tarmac, in order to ensure a safe passage for anyone walking through. The pathways in the Haulfre Gardens split into different directions at different points through a walk, with some sharp turns.

Wales Coast Path

Wales Coast Path:  Tourist Places To Visit In Llandudno
Photograph by http://www.visitllandudno.org.uk

One of the first coastal paths to outline the entire country, the Wales Coast Path is all of 870 miles and opened to the public in 2012, along the Wales Coastline as a walking route from Chepstow to Queensferry. The entire path can be at best crossed by the fittest and focused walkers in about 7 weeks. Along the way, one can witness the most glorious sandy beaches, wildlife, heritage sites, a variety of adventurous and family fun activities and events. With a dedicated footpath adjoining most of its coastline the Wales Coast Path was inspired by the success of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and runs through reserves managed by the Royal Society for protection of birds, and the Wildlife Trust and 11 nature reserves in the country.

Llandudno Museum

Llandudno Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Llandudno
Photograph by http://www.visitllandudno.org.uk

The Llandudno Museum is a delightful but small museum that represents the town’s rich heritage from its prehistoric background to its modern transformation as a spa town! Founded originally to showcase Francis Chardon’s artworks and painting collection, archeological finds and ancient artifacts, the exhibits cover a range of time periods and categories including primordial, Roman, Medieval War Time, etc.

Home Front Museum

Home Front Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Llandudno
Photograph by http://www.visitllandudno.org.uk

Experience the sights and feels of civilian lifestyle from during the World War II period at the unique Home Front Museum that takes you back in time to the Britain of 1940s. The gallery has a self-guided tour that will take you through 6 years of war on the home front, seized through and displayed in rooms, tableaux and shops. Open every day of the week from 10 am till 4.30 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 2 pm on Sunday from March to November.

The Little Orme

The Little Orme:  Tourist Places To Visit In Llandudno
Photograph by dailypost.co.uk

Situated at one end of Llandudno’s seafront, the Little Orme may not be as glorious as the Great Orme, but still ascends 141m in height and offers refuge to the wildlife, especially the Grey Seals at Angel Bay, with captivating views of the Rhyl to the East and Anglesey on the West end. Unlike the Great Orme, Little Orme wasn’t developed for copper mining or tourism. Centered on Porth Dyniewyd, it has its own slim gauge railway and farming on the lower slopes. Its cliffs are quite a challenge for even the experienced rock climbers and is a popular tourist, walking and hiking attraction.

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