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Things To Do In Wales (United Kingdom)

Planning A Trip To Wales (United Kingdom)? Here's our list of top things to do in Wales (United Kingdom)

Wales, this beautiful beautiful Celtic land, is the southern part of the UK island, suffused with glens and rolling meadows, frothy sea and pebble beaches, sheep grazing and mountain horses galloping. Wales is a mix of natural splendour. While at one end you can go fishing in its fishing towns, on the other you are welcome to explore its villages that may be directly imported from Italy. Where on one side you have national park visits and treks, on the other you have the city life. You also have lovely castles to make you feel larger than life here. 


Visiting Wales for the first time? Here are the things you must do here.

Discover Snowdonia Park

Discover Snowdonia Park:  Things To Do In Wales (United Kingdom)
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The Snowdonia National Park is Wales’ natural gem, with more than a thousand acres of splendid nature. You will find yourself surrounded by mountain ranges and green meadows, brilliant blue lakes and a sky that bows down upon you. The park is also home to some endangered bird species so bird watchers, this is paradise. Go bird-sighting and see the red kites and eagles for sure. You will also get to see the tallest mountain of England here. Hiking up this peak is also possible if you are game for it.

Visit Caernarfon Castle

Visit Caernarfon Castle:  Things To Do In Wales (United Kingdom)
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The Caernarfon Castle is the stronghold that belongs to the Prince of Wales, not since the modern century but since time immemorial. It is a very ancient castle, maybe almost a thousand years ago. It has the protection of UNESCO and holds a place of pride in Wales and all of UK because it was the investiture venue to crown Prince Charles the ‘Prince of Wales’ back in ’69.

See Italy in Wales

See Italy in Wales:  Things To Do In Wales (United Kingdom)
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Well, you did read it right. There is an Italian paradise in the Celtic confines of Wales, all you need to do is visit the quaint village of Portmeirion. It is located on the northwestern coast of Wales and is a feast for the eyes. The village was built back in 1925 by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis to replicate a traditional Italian village and today makes for a brilliant tourist place. You can spend your day strolling through its streets, buying its local pottery knick knacks or drinking a local cup of coffee.

Want to see the Smallest House in Britain?

Want to see the Smallest House in Britain?:  Things To Do In Wales (United Kingdom)
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Then head to the town of Conwy, where you will find a tiny, elfin red house tucked between the ancient walls of the city. The said house is near the Conwy Castle so is not difficult to find either. It faces the quay so is also called the Quay House and is painted in red, with dimensions that are barely 6 feet by 11 feet. The last inhabitant of this house, by the name of Robert Jones, couldn’t even accommodate his 6’3" height while he lived inside. Later the house was declared unfit for living and became a tourist attraction.

Ride Toy Trains

Ride Toy Trains:  Things To Do In Wales (United Kingdom)
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Oh yes, your 'Thomas and Friends' fantasies come true in Wales. In fact, the story and characters and landscape of the cartoon were probably inspired from Wales. With the emerald green meadows, deep valleys and mountain passes where trains cut, there is too much thrill and beauty to catch up with. There are some very old narrow gauge rail tracks here and you must board a toy train on the Welsh Highland Railway. From Porthmadog to Blaenau Ffestiniog, the scenic train ride will also take you through a nice tour of the Snowdonia National Park enroute.

Island Hopping

Island Hopping:  Things To Do In Wales (United Kingdom)
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Wales is known for its desolate Welsh islands, like Skomer with prehistoric stone hedges and circles that were once used to perform witchcraft, houses made of stone as old as time, and standing stones that probably are used for time travel. At the same time, you will also find islands that are fun and quirky and cool, like the island of Skokholm, Yyns Gifftan and Yyns Llanddwyn. For kayaking and lake expeditions, visit the Llangorse Crannog island, which is centred in a lake itself. Hop to Bristol Channel or Flat Holm to enjoy some down time and drink beer in dingy pubs.

Go Kayaking with Puffins

Go Kayaking with Puffins:  Things To Do In Wales (United Kingdom)
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How cuter can your holiday be? Just drive down to the Pembrokeshire National Park and in addition to enjoying its long, lovely coastal walk, you are also welcome to go kayaking in the nearby bay. On summery sunny days, this is decidedly the best thing to do around. Added bonus is the colony of seals, puffins and even the school of dolphins that swim in the same water. You can also visit the nearby Skomer Island where more of these cute animals reside.

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