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Tourist Places To Visit In Touphema

Planning A Trip To Touphema? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Touphema

Situated on a hillock surrounded by lush green valley is the heritage village of Touphema. Located a mere 43 km from Kohima and about 100 km from Dimapur, Touphema has emerged as a significant tourist destination. The picturesque setting, moderate climatic conditions and a well-developed transportation system have made Touphema a must-visit destination while on a tour of the state. Here is a list of some of the interesting places to see in and around the village.

Touphema Village

Touphema Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Touphema
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The village was set up with the objective of preserving and showcasing the Naga tribal lifestyle, heritage, ancient customs and traditions. There are small cottages built here in Naga tribal style where tourists can spend a night to get a taste of the ancient lifestyle. There are tribal singings, dancing and celebrations organized for the entertainment of the visitors. Tourists can learn about their history from the museum that is housed in the village. Guided walks are arranged to nearby hills and paddy fields and it is quite a unique and fascinating experience. A trip to the state is incomplete without a tour of Touphema Village.


Kohima:  Tourist Places To Visit In Touphema
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Kohima is located mere 43km from Touphema Village and a trip to the village can be clubbed together with a visit to the state capital. The second-largest city in the state, Kohima was founded by the British in 1878 to serve as the headquarters of the Naga Hills. During WWII Kohima came into prominence as the Japanese and Allied Forces clashed here in a bloody battle and brought the Great War so close to the Indian Territory. In Kohima, tourists can visit the Kohima War Cemetery, Museum and Church.

Kohima War Cemetery

Kohima War Cemetery:  Tourist Places To Visit In Touphema
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During WWII Battle of Kohima and Battle of Imphal was closely fought battle between the intruding Japanese troops of the Axis powers and the British army of the Allied Forces. The Allies seized the initiative from Japan and retained it until the close of the war in 1945. The Battle of Kohima saw major casualties on both sides. A War Cemetery was later built to bury the Allied soldiers who lost their lives here and a Memorial as a tribute to the Indian soldiers who had fought for the British Empire and died.

Japfu Peak

Japfu Peak:  Tourist Places To Visit In Touphema
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Bursting with scenic beauty and gorgeousness, Japfu is a major tourist attraction in Nagaland. Situated only 25 km from Kohima, Japfu Peak measuring 3084 meters offers a stunning view of the surrounding landscape and Dzukou Valley. The subtropical vegetation surrounding the peak, the charming rhododendrons in full blooms adorning the green cover and the calm serenity has helped earn Nagaland the title of ‘Switzerland of the East.’

Dzukou Valley

Dzukou Valley:  Tourist Places To Visit In Touphema
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With Japfu Peak providing the gorgeous backdrop, the Dzukou Valley is a stunner. It is recommended to visit the valley in full bloom season when euphorbias, white and pink lilies, aconitum and other equally lovely floors deck up the valley. It is a great spot for trekkers as there are a number of short yet exciting trekking trails waiting to be explored. The best thing to do is here nothing. Experience the gorgeous nature and let your eyes feast on the charming landscape.

Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary

Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Touphema
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Wildlife enthusiasts visiting Touphema Village can make a quick trip to the Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary located in Kohima. In 1993 the sanctuary was declared a National Park and is home to wildlife animals like Golden langur, palm civets, Hoolock gibbon, wild dogs, flying squirrel, sloth bear, monitor lizard and many more. In 2005 the sanctuary was declared an Elephant reserve by the government. The park also boasts of varied flora and fauna like bamboo, rattan, mahogany, Pinus Caribiae, Oroxylum indicum, Rubia cordifolia, Dipterocarpous macrocarpous and many more varieties.

Catholic Church, Kohima

Catholic Church, Kohima:  Tourist Places To Visit In Touphema
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Catholic Church of Kohima is an architectural wonder and of much significance for the Catholic Christians of the region. The Church is also the residence of the Diocese. It is a semicircular building which has a seating arrangement of 3000 people. There are segregated areas for baptism, confessions, adoration etc. it has a transparent roof that floods the church with ample light throughout the day. Keeping up with the tribal life of the region, the interiors are indeed inspired by their life and customs.

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