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Tourist Places To Visit In Mon

Planning A Trip To Mon? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Mon

Among all the places in Nagaland, Mon is truly an intriguing destination for tourists. There is an ethnic utopic surrounding the place and offers a number of unique places for tourists to explore. Ethnic villages, museums, mountains, flora and fauna, Mon has an interesting combination of places. Tourists get to experience a unique amalgamation of food, culture, lifestyle, and nature. Let us take a brief look at the places to visit during one’s stay in Mon.

Longwa Village

Longwa Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mon
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Longwa Village is the largest village in Mon district and is full of diversity and uniqueness. The most interesting thing about Longwa is the dual citizenship enjoyed by the inhabitants of the village. They enjoy the citizenship of both India and Myanmar. Indo-Myanmar border, interestingly, passes through this village and has ended up dividing the chief’s house. One half lies in India and the other half in Myanmar. The villagers here move about freely and do not require a visa to venture into the Myanmar side of the village. Tourists will be amazed to find that there are houses where the kitchen lays on Myanmar side and bedroom on the India side. A serene and calm place, Longwa is a fascinating destination for tourists.

Veda Peak

Veda Peak:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mon
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The highest peak of Mon district is Veda Peak also known as Pak Koi. The peak is located about 70km from the district headquarters and gives a stunning view of the picturesque surroundings. A trip to the top of the peak will give tourists a panoramic view of the mountains, waterfalls and other sceneries decorating the landscape. If the weather is clear, tourists can be lucky to get a glimpse of Chindwin and Brahmaputra Rivers. The most endearing sight is of the Konyak Countryside. The entire region surrounding the peak is mesmerizing. Another interesting feature of the place is this is where the first opium plants were cultivated in the Naga Hills during the British rule.

Chenloisho Village

Chenloisho Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mon
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One of the biggest villages in the Chen area, Chenloisho is located near the international border of Indian and Myanmar. The primary tourist attraction of this village is a museum. This museum houses different types of ornaments that are found across the region. There are all types of pieces of jewelry worn by the tribal people are displayed here and is quite interesting. There is also a place called Waloo where human skulls dating back to the headhunting days are displayed.

Shangyu Village

Shangyu Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mon
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Shangyu Village is home to Konyak Naga tribe and is the perfect place to witness the colorful life and customs of the people. They have a chief who is referred to as Angh. Tourists will come across a wooden platform like structure in the village built in honor of its people and events. The structure is believed to be a heavenly edifice that was constructed by angels themselves. Around the chief’s house, there are many memorial stones lying here and there. It is a great place to visit and get an insight into the ancient customs and traditions of the Konyaks.

Tenyimi Church

Tenyimi Church:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mon
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Tenyimi Church is located in the Nagaland district of Mon. A quiet and serene place, the church is perfect for spending some solitary time and for praying. The calm ambiance helps to fill the mind with a lot of peace. The church is visited by the people to celebrate occasions and for attending prayers. The church authorities are responsible for conducting social campaigns and for the propagation of social issues and awareness.

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