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Things To Do In Touphema

Planning A Trip To Touphema? Here's our list of top things to do in Touphema

Touphema Village is a heritage village that has been set up by the local community and the Tourism Department of Nagaland to showcase the history and cultural heritage of the tribal people of Nagaland. The village is a small one and hardly need tourists to spend more than a day or two after which they can visit places and indulge in adventure activities in and around the village. Its proximity to the capital city of Kohima and to scenic beauties like Japfu Peak and Dzukou make Touphema a rather interesting destination for tourists. Let us take a look at things tourists can do during their stay in the village.

Exploring the Village

Exploring the Village:  Things To Do In Touphema
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As already discussed, the Touphema Village was created and set up as an effort by the locals and the government to showcase the heritage and traditions of the Naga tribes. It is an opportunity for tourists to stay in tribal-inspired cottages and get a flavor and firsthand experience of their lifestyle. There are singing and dancing arranged to entertain the tourists and help them take back a slice of Nagaland with them. Touphema is an interesting destination and booking in advance is recommended to avoid disappointments. Tourists can take guided nature walks around the village to enjoy the scenic beauty and serenity.


Trekking:  Things To Do In Touphema
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If you are an enthusiastic trekker and visiting Touphema village, seize this opportunity to check out the trekking trails around Dzukou Valley. Dzukou Valley is an amazing place and offers a 3-4 km of a steep climb to this fascinating valley. There is a 17 km trek from Dzukou to Viswema Village that takes about 5 to 6 hours and another 15 km trail extending from Dzukou to Zakhama that can be completed in 3-4 hours. These trekking trails through a stunning landscape are a mind-blowing experience.

Experiencing Full Bloom Season in Dzukou Valley

Experiencing Full Bloom Season in Dzukou Valley:  Things To Do In Touphema
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If you are a nature lover and looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Dzukou Valley is the perfect hideout for you. The gorgeous landscape has earned Nagaland the title of ‘Switzerland of the east.’ The best time for visiting the valley is during full bloom when the valley gets covered with gorgeously blooming varieties of flowers like white and pink lilies, rhododendrons, euphorbias, aconitums and many other varieties of flowers that completely adorn the valley. It is a sight to behold.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography:  Things To Do In Touphema
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For wildlife photographers, this is a good opportunity to get some good shots of their favorite animals by making a trip to the Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary in Kohima. Declared a National Park in 1993 and an Elephant Reserve in 2005, the sanctuary is home to a large number of animals like flying squirrel, Python, Tiger, Sloth bear,  Black stork, Monitor lizard, Wild dogs, Golden langur, Hoolock gibbon, and several others. Visitors will also come across a plethora of flora and fauna here like aribiae, Palms, Passiflora edulis, Oroxylum indicum, Rubia cordifolia, Elaeocarpus ganitrus, etc. to name a few.

Trip to Kohima War Cemetery

Trip to Kohima War Cemetery:  Things To Do In Touphema
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Kohima became the center of a fiercely fought battle between the intruding Japanese troops of the Axis Powers and the British Army of the Allied Forces during WWII. The battle led to heavy casualties on both sides and the British seized the initiative which they retained till the war in 1945. The British soldiers who lost their lives in the battle were buried here and a war cemetery was set up. A War memorial was inaugurated in memory of the Indian soldiers who fought on behalf of the British Empire and lost their lives here.

Attending Hornbill Festival

Attending Hornbill Festival:  Things To Do In Touphema
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If you are visiting Touphema in the first week of December seize the opportunity to witness one of the biggest festivals of Nagaland, the Hornbill Festival celebrated 1-10th December in the Naga Heritage Village, Kisama located 12 km from the capital city. It is the state’s biggest annual jamboree and showcases the different cultural displays under the same roof. The festival is organized by the State’s Tourism & Cultural Departments. It is a spectacular event and a must-visit by the tourists.

Eating in Touphema

Eating in Touphema:  Things To Do In Touphema
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Touphema is a small village that has been set up to entertain the tourists and give them a taste of the local culture and cuisine. There are no restaurants or eateries and tourists have to eat the food served by the local people which includes Naga delicacies like Bamboo Baked Fish, Ghalo and Rice Beer. If tourists want to explore more options then they will have to visit Kohima which is the capital city and there are a fair number of restaurants serving mixed cuisine.

Shopping in Touphema

Shopping in Touphema:  Things To Do In Touphema
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There are predictably no shops in Touphema. If tourists want to pick up souvenirs or gift items they need to travel to Kohima. Here tourists can choose from a wide range of options including decorative spears, Naga shawls, woodcarvings, bamboo works, hand-woven shoulder bags, table mats, tribal jewellery etc. These are interesting pieces and works of art that make great gifting options and can also be displayed at home.

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