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Cheapest European Countries To Visit

Planning A Trip To Europe? Here are the Cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe when on Budget.

Europe is a wanderer’s dream, a traveller’s paradise, the continent where streets feel like fairytales and buildings rise like monuments standing sentries. Of course, no good view in the world nowadays comes cost free. Europe too, is an expensive view for the most part. But, there will be untrodden paths and undiscovered locales, hidden treasures and unseen trails that are cheap and easily fitted in your budget. Like some of the East European countries, or the ones in the Balkans that are not always counted in the oil-rich belt. The Old World is also home to many affordable destinations! From Bulgaria to Romania, Latvia to Poland to Ukraine to Montenegro, here’s our list of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe.


Bulgaria:  Cheapest European Countries To Visit
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An east European country that is scintillating in its pristine beauty, from some of the most gorgeous architecture to Ottoman and Greek influenced culture, Slavic and Persian added to the mix. With the legendary Black Sea touching its shores and a terrain of hills and rivers, Bulgaria is blessed with nature as well as culture, history as well as architecture. The capital city of Sofia is said to date back to 5th Century BCE. And Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe! Imagine your luck! You can easily do a day’s budgeted stay at around Rs. 1000 in a backpacker hostel, and eat three decent meals for another 1000 bucks a day. Public transport is also cheap and greatly efficient so you are sorted.


Poland:  Cheapest European Countries To Visit
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Poland is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It is blessed with a beautiful natural endowment of mountains and rivers, with historic castles and parks and national parks peppered around the nation. What makes Poland so great for a cheap European holiday is the fact that you can easily spend a day here in around Rs. 2,500-3000. And this includes stay at a backpacker hostel or small hotel, three budgeted meals a day, public transport, paid sightseeing for one and a beer or two if you like.


Romania:  Cheapest European Countries To Visit
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Located in southeast of Europe, Romania is a beautiful forested country that is know for the Carpathian Mountains and the Transylvania region. With its hoard of medieval towns and Old Town areas and squares, some of the most breath-taking churches, government buildings and castles, and some legends of Dracula, Romania is a dream budget destination. You will get all the Europe ‘feels’ here and at dirt cheap rates. A day can easily be spent under Rs. 2,500 here, with a cheap hotel, budgeted food through the day, local public transport and one or two paid sightseeing trips.


Hungary:  Cheapest European Countries To Visit
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Okay, yes, Hungary is counted among some of the top places to visit in Europe. And sure, this means the rates here are tourist high. But this is the kind of country where you can easily do budget food and accommodation, and even travel. A day's expenditure will not exceed Rs. 3000 if you are careful in choosing your hotel and managing one or two meals outside while rest from your own stash from packaged stuff brought from home. The hotels are also relatively cheap and sightseeing not as expensive. Of course the top spots in places like Budapest, Lake Balaton and Eger may charge high ticket prices but if you want the whole European experience then wandering around the streets with your camera is the best bet. And free!


Ukraine:  Cheapest European Countries To Visit
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Many confuse Ukraine with Russia. Though both were part of the Soviet Union, both speak a similar dialect and have many common customs, the two couldn’t be more different than chalk and cheese. Ukraine is located in the East European belt, surrounded by the Black Sea and thick forests. Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, is home to some of the most stunning gold-domed cathedrals, with mosaics and frescoes, tomb relics and historical buildings. A day here in Ukraine can easily be spent on Rs. 3000 if budgeted well. Since the food and accommodation can be found cheap, there isn’t much you will need to focus on except local transport (go for public of course) and sightseeing tickets.

The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic:  Cheapest European Countries To Visit
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The Czech Republic, another one of Europe’s most appealing places to visit, also falls on this list of budget destinations. Why? Because inspite of its high density of tourist crowd and a seamless amalgamation of natural and historical beauty, the Czech Republic offers you a day’s worth of joy at about Rs. 3,500. The food might be a bit expensive compared to the previous countries, but you can easily choose budget cafes or roadside stalls, or raid your own stash from back home. Stay can easily be budgeted, as is travel or sightseeing. We suggest, when visiting cities like Prague, try and do more free things, like walking across Charles Bridge or taking photographs across the Old Town Square.


Croatia:  Cheapest European Countries To Visit
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Compared to the other countries we have explored so far, Croatia is slightly expensive. But compared to its western and southern counterparts, it is great for a budget holiday. The country itself is renowned for its walled cities and the Adriatic Sea, lakes and lagoons and Roman ruins by beaches. Game of Thrones tours are also a fad here, but you can easily choose to go by yourself and avoid paying a bomb for the same. All in all, the stay here is more expensive, food alright on the price ranges and public transport expensive. So budget accordingly. If you are smart and frugal at the right places, then a day in Croatia can be spent on Rs. 6000.


Latvia:  Cheapest European Countries To Visit
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A very offbeat place in Europe, Latvia is not popular on the map. It is a small, obscure country but that does not mean its beauty is any less breath-taking. Imagine stunning temperate beaches, art nouveau architecture, fairytale old towns and heritage castles! Latvia hence makes for a great holiday, amazing photographs and an exotic story to tell when you return home. A day here is easily budgeted within Rs. 2,800, with food being the most expensive in the mix. Travel, accommodation etc are quite cheap so it is best to carry ready-to-heat foods and snacks to budget your holiday in Latvia.


Slovakia:  Cheapest European Countries To Visit
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Bordered to the south of Poland, Slovakia is another budget holiday destination in Europe. It is as stunning as its Western counterparts and as cheap as its Asian friends. What with food and cheap accommodation costing you equally per day, you can have a limit of Rs. 3,500 per day and get by.  What’s to do here? Well, there are gorgeous mountains to scale, ancient hilltop castles and cathedrals to see, and the whole European vibe to absorb.


Lithuania:  Cheapest European Countries To Visit
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One of the Baltic states in Europe, Lithuania is considered to be one of the best countries to visit in that region. Covered by the Baltic sea to the southeast, and Denmark and Sweden to the east, Lithuania has its own unique brand of beauty that attracts tourism. You can easily enjoy a holiday here on a daily budget of Rs. 3-4000 per person. Choose to go for nature walks, street walks, eat at cheaper roadside joints or from the meals you have carried from home, and there you’ve got a unique European holiday on budget!


Montenegro:  Cheapest European Countries To Visit
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A splendid beauty in the Balkans, Montenegro is a country of rugged terrain, chains of mountains, medieval hamlets and some of the most scintillating beaches along the Adriatic Sea. From bays to fjords, churches on beaches to towns that look like forts, Montenegro has so much to offer. And at such little cost. Because most of its beauty lies in its natural parks, beaches, villages and town squares, you can cut cost on sightseeing tickets and fees. Its Mediterranean vibes give you all the European coast feels without draining your bank balance, and you can enjoy a day here in about Rs. 3-4000.


Albania:  Cheapest European Countries To Visit
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Another Balkan nation, Albania is home to many great cities and coasts. The Alps here are stunning, as are the castles and excavation and archaeological sites. Frescoed mosques, churches that bore the brunt of communism and mountain water springs all intermingle to offer you a unique country and its unique dimensions. Backpackers find Albania an ideal destination and very affordable. In around Rs. 3,500 you can survive day to day here.


Turkey:  Cheapest European Countries To Visit
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Well, now Turkey can cover both ends of the spectrum. Here in this country you can experience a grand, luxurious holiday with the five star hotels and lavish sightseeing tours, yacht rides and parties. And at the same time cut your budget to bare minimum, going as low as Rs. 2,800 per day. Food here is also flexibly rated. Eat kebabs and shorba and sandwiches from roadside stalls of Istanbul (yummy and filling) and snack on simit breads and tea to fill the gaps between mealtimes. You won’t get bored. Stay at small hostels or home-stays outside of the main cities and you are again going to save a bomb. Road transport is cheap and well connected, many sites free to visit. So there you are! Attack the cultural extravaganza that is Turkey, its bazars, beaches and fairy chimneys; from Antalya to Pammukale to Cappadocia.


Estonia:  Cheapest European Countries To Visit
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Slightly more expensive than its other Baltic counterparts, Estonia is known for its fortified medieval towns and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Vendors here still dress in traditional garb and the streets are paved those beautiful Netflix medieval shows. Tallinn is one of the best cities to visit. And when on budget, you can easily get through on a purse of Rs. 3000 - 4,500 on a daily basis.


Malta:  Cheapest European Countries To Visit
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A Mediterranean archipelago located between North Africa and the Italian island of Sicily, Malta is home to many historic ruins, dating from Romans to French, British to Moors, and also the remains that point to the Knights of Saint John. With the temples on isolated islands and burial chambers from 400 BCE, Malta has a very mysterious aura to it. You will get a typical Mediterranean holiday here along with some expeditions into history that will leave you gasping. Gozo, Valetta, and Comino Islands are just some of the fun places to visit. And you can easily do so on a daily budget of Rs. 4,000 to 5,500 per day. It may seem more expensive than the others on this list, but for what it offers, Malta charges peanuts.

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