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Prague Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Prague? Here's a detailed Prague tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
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If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond among the pearls. And why not? This city of thousand spires is an entity in itself that straddles two worlds, that of the yore and that of today. With its palatial castles and palaces, theatres and cobble-street bridges, Prague is a dream destination of every romantic of the world. So much so that, it is seldom called the Paris of the 90s. If you are looking forward to tourism in Prague, here is a travel guide to see you through.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Prague Tourism And Travel Guide
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The best way to reach Prague is of course by air, but you have the options of trains and buses too.


By Air:

Flying to Prague is the best option of reaching the city from India. You have frequent flights from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi to the Prague International Airport.


By Road:

It is a breeze to drive into Prague from neighbouring countries that border Czech, be it Germany, Poland, Slovakia or even Hungary for that matter. Rental cars find parking easily in the city but there is traffic during rush hours. 


By Rail:

The train network is very well developed in and around Prague, so if you are planning to take a train into this city then it is completely feasible. You are most likely to end up at the Praha hlavní nádra┼żí station, with mostly trains coming in from Berlin, Cologne, Budapest, Brussels, Vienna, Paris etc. 


Getting Around:

Prague is a beautiful city to walk around, but you will need public transport to cross faraway places. The trains, subways, metros and trams are all great and well connected, as are the city buses, taxis and app-based cabs. Take your pick and breeze along.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Prague Tourism And Travel Guide
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Prague is best visited between spring and summer, but winter is a good time if you want to partake in the Christmas festivities and night markets.


Spring (March to May):

With an average temperature of 18°C for the season, spring is a good time to enjoy Prague and its sites with sunshine to spare and lesser crowds. The Czech Beer Festival in May is spring’s highlight.


Summer (June to August):

The summer season is tourist high season, with warm sunny days and everything just perfect for sightseeing and partying. You will enjoy this time but there will be a lot of crowd to compete with, higher rates on accommodation and everything else, and some rain here and there. 


Autumn (September to November):

Autumn here is not the best season to visit, even though it is the most beautiful. With the trees turning red-gold and crowds thinning, budget travellers may covet autumn but the temperatures may drop down at any time in October-November.


Winter (December to February):

Winters are harsh and cold in Prague, and only good for Christmas time. The temperature range remains between -5 to -2°C, but November end to January first week is a festive time.

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Prague Tourism And Travel Guide
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Stroll down the Charles Bridge:

The Charles Bridge is Prague’s iconic landmark bridge, one that graces every memorable postcard of this city. With its mix of history, art and architecture this bridge is the best place for a walk with your beloved, especially at sunset.


Visit Prague Castle:

You should visit and explore the magnificent Prague castle and its grounds, including the churches, cathedrals, gardens and ponds. It is one of the best and most coveted tours in this city.


Meander to the Old Town Square:

The Old Town Square preserves Prague’s old world charm in its ancient buildings, cobble stone streets, astronomical clocks and gothic cathedrals. Don’t forget to check out the Clementinum Public Library, Tyn Church, the Astronomical Clock and the Jewish Quarter in the neighbourhood.


Picnic at Wallenstein Garden:

Picnicking and chilling at the Wallenstein Garden is a nice way to unwind from all your castle and art tours in Prague. The park has loads of open spaces, a pond, a palace and many gothic and Baroque statues around. Peacocks dance and strut by so you can pet and feed them too!


Go to a Christmas Market:

Just like its neighbour Austria, the Czech Republic also hosts the world’s best Christmas night markets. It is in the spirit of Prague to lead these markets, be it at the Old Town Square or the Wenceslas Square. You will find mulled wine and cakes and strudels, as well as knick-knacks like scented candles and Christmas candy and clothes and antiques. Do not miss these!

What to Eat

What to Eat:  Prague Tourism And Travel Guide
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Czech cuisine is a mix of meat, heavy gravies, pies and potatoes. Some of the best dishes to try when in Prague include the staples of stews, sauerkraut, sausages, dumplings, and of course, the humble goulash. In particular, do make sure to eat beef ghoulash, roast duck, fried cheese and fruits dumplings. And do not miss the famous tunnel cakes or Trdelník, a roll of cinnamon and sugary goodness with cream or ice cream filled in for extra foodgasm.

What to Shop

What to Shop:  Prague Tourism And Travel Guide
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While Prague does not attract shopaholics like Milan or Paris or even London, it does have its own quirks when it comes to picking up knick-knacks here and there. Do pick up Kafka souvenirs if you are a book buff and have read the works of Franz Kafka. He was born in Prague and there is a museum here dedicated to him and his work, where you can get Kafka inspired diaries, bookmarks and collectibles. Other souvenirs Prague is renowned for are wooden toys, puppets or Marionettes, spa wafers (courtesy: Karlovy Vary), tea and teapots, Bohemian glass and garnet jewellery.

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