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Things To Do In Croatia

Planning A Trip To Croatia? Here's our list of top things to do in Croatia

Croatia is a stunning country in the Mediterranean, located in the south-central part of Europe. For centuries it has acted as a bridge between Europe and the Balkan countries, and opened its gates for everyone to see its beauty. With dramatic outlines of mountains over bright seas and skies that are shiny blue, ancient cities that are a cross between Vienna and Venice and so many wonderful beaches, Croatia is a very coveted summer destination. You have many things to do here, from Croatia Game of Thrones tour to island-hopping, cable car rides to museum expeditions. Read on for details on each.

Game of Thrones Tour

Game of Thrones Tour:  Things To Do In Croatia
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Did you know, Game of Thrones was shot in Croatia too? 


Yes, the hit HBO series shot its King’s Landing portions as well as Qarth in the second season in Dubrovnik. There are a number of GoT Walking Tours on offer in the city that centre around Pile Gate. Most of the filming of King’s Landing was done at City Walls and one iconic scene at the Minceta Tower. You can take a tour by yourself and just wander around as you stumble upon the places you’ve seen in Westeros; from Fort Lovrijenac to Rector's Palace staircase, Lokrum Island to Trsteno Arboretum. There are also many guided tours available. Because Dubrovnik is so famous among GoT fans, you will also find a ton of merchandise stores to fill your bags.

Roam around Plitvice National Park

Roam around Plitvice National Park:  Things To Do In Croatia
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Plitvice Lakes National Park, a forest reserve area and national park, is located at the very heart of the country. You will find yourself among lush greens and crystal clear lakes in summer and frozen white lake floors ready for skiing in the winter months. The National Park is basically a chain of 16 beautiful lakes that are somehow naturally stacked on various terraces and connected by waterfalls. The maker of such wonder, no doubt, is mother nature. And what a marvel she has created. You can take an exploration tour of all the lakes by getting on a boat, or choose a spot by the side and open your picnic basket. There are also many other caves, waterfalls, streams to go for quiet expeditions, as well as cafes and restaurants to nourish you when you get tired.

Take the Dubrovnik Cable Car

Take the Dubrovnik Cable Car:  Things To Do In Croatia
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Dubrovnik is an old city that has some of the most charming sea-side houses, strong mighty walls and the Adriatic so crystal clear that it seems out of a fairytale. To enjoy such views, you must ride the Cable Car from the east gate of the city right up to the Old Town viewing platform on Srd Hill. The Cable Car lines were set up in late sixties and since then have ferried tourists up and down. You can complete the journey within 4-5 minutes and then enjoy strolls or just idyllic picnics on the hill with the views of the Old Town and Adriatic in the distance. When at the viewing point on the hill, there are also quite a few restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops to browse around, a war museum, as well as smart benches to charge your phones while you sit and enjoy the view. 

Walk down Korzo Promenade

Walk down Korzo Promenade:  Things To Do In Croatia
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Korzo is an iconic promenade in the city of Rijeka, with beautiful coffee shops lined along the side and terraces open to enjoy treats, bars teeming with tourists and benches filled with locals. Korzo is not just s stroll-worthy street but an experience. You will see the city of Rijeka reflected in the culture of this street, overflowing in the central fountain, visible in classic nouveau and baroque art. The locals treat Korzo as a meeting point, hang-out spot or even to conduct business or just chill at a cafe. Daily newspapers are written on this street and read too. Such is the tranquil languid rhythm of Korzo, and you will just want to flow with it. You can shop from the souvenir shops, eat at local restaurants and check out the fountains and the clock tower too.

Explore the Museum of Broken Relationships

Explore the Museum of Broken Relationships:  Things To Do In Croatia
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What? You thought only the Taj Mahal was constructed in the memory of dead love? Well, here’s a modern version, the Museum of Broken Relationships, that holds the memorabilia of modern lovers who parted ways. It mainly has knick-knacks from failed relationships and a story to go with each - like a broken watch that a guy wore to keep track of his lover on the other side of the world, or a drawing made by a stranger in the metro for a couple that later broke up. The museum has 3 sections, namely, Material Remains Layout (documents or objects), Virtual Web Museum (online posts, photos, emails etc) and Confessional (for the visitors to confess about their broken love stories). This place is as amazing as it is unique, and a must-must-visit.

Enjoy the Beaches

Enjoy the Beaches:  Things To Do In Croatia
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A large part of the Croatian land is fringed by the seas. So it is no surprise that Croatia has some of the best beaches of Europe. Due to its Mediterranean climate and crystal blue Adriatic Sea, the beaches make for amazing getaways. From sandy to rocky to pebbled, you will find all kinds of beaches to swim at. Some of the best ones are found on the Dalmatian Coast, in cities like Zadar and Dubrovnik. Some beaches are also accompanied by hidden caves and coves, fig trees, olive trees and palms. You should visit Zlatni Rat Beach in Bol on Brac Island, Sveti Jakov Beach in Dubrovnik and Stiniva Beach of Vis.

Go Island hopping

Go Island hopping:  Things To Do In Croatia
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Croatia has a collection of over a thousand islands and makes no bones about how beautiful they are. Some of the islands have lately been groomed and made ready for tourist onslaught but most still live in the middle ages of quaint, slow, charming life of goats and sheep on narrow streets and women with head scarves going about their daily chores with men playing a game of bocce at a nearby table. Islands worth visiting here are Brac (beaches, food etc), Korčula (home of Marco Polo), Hvar (a very popular summer holiday spot), Cres, Lošinj and Krk. Sailing boats, catamarans, ferries etc can be taken from the coast of Zadar to go island hopping. You can also hire a luxurious private yacht and go sailing.

Enjoy the local Food

Enjoy the local Food:  Things To Do In Croatia
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The cuisine of Croatia has an evident Mediterranean touch, what with all those juicy figs, ripening olives, garlics, fish and vegetables. Some of the seafood here is also swoon worthy and olive oil is fresh and crisp on the tongue, drizzled in almost anything and everything. The best part of Croatian diet is that they use only seasonal ingredients, which means no stored food. This also means, that some dishes available in summer might not be in winter and vice versa. Some of the local things to try here are crni rižot or black squid risotto, brudet or fish stew, mišanca ( a vegetable stew) and štrukli cheese pastry.

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