Himachal Pradesh
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Things To Do In Himachal Pradesh

Planning A Trip To Himachal Pradesh? Here's our list of top things to do in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh, the spectacular state adorned by snow-peaked mountains, glaciers, rivers and green valleys is a natural playground for adventure and nature lovers. Himachal Pradesh naturally is a hub of adventure activities such as trekking, climbing, rafting, paragliding, and skiing. A beautiful amalgamation of interlocking mountain chains tempts trekkers and mountaineers from all over the world to explore this place. The easy-going nature and friendly warmth of the natives will make you feel at home here. Those of you who have made up your mind to visit the state (if not for the first time then yet again), here's a quick list of the top things to do in Himachal Pradesh.

Explore the Different Regions

Explore the Different Regions:  Things To Do In Himachal Pradesh
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As the folds of land become steeper every few kilometers, along with it changes the temperature, the flora and the fauna of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The peaceful Tibetan settlement of Dharamsala with its earthy incense infused air will reveal a completely different aspect of this state when compared to the silence and breathtaking landscape of the Spiti valley. Explore the many districts here, make your way higher up each time you visit. Be it Shimla, Manali, Spiti, Kasauli, Parvati Valley, Dalhousie or Dharamsala, there's plenty to explore in Himachal.


Trekking:  Things To Do In Himachal Pradesh
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One of the most popular activities in Himachal is just walking! So, just get your trekking shoes on, gear up to camp for a night under the clear blanket of stars and make sure you get a local along with you. Keep walking for happy feet. It will soothe your senses too. If you are a beginner, then we suggest you go around for short half day or day treks and get to know the mountains a bit more.

Explore the Waterfalls

Explore the Waterfalls:  Things To Do In Himachal Pradesh
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There are many waterfalls dotting the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. The Jana falls at Naggar, a village near Manali is surrounded by deodar trees, apple orchards, clustered rocks and views of snow-capped mountains. The fall is one of the quaintest locations for those looking for a quiet time amidst the healing sounds of falling waters. There's the Bagsunag fall, popular for it religious significance. The Rahala waterfalls on the way to Leh is a pristine site to behold. Plan a day picnic by one such waterfall to make the most of your vacation.

Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports:  Things To Do In Himachal Pradesh
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For camping, you can either go to Dalhousie, Kullu-Manali, Solan, Chail, or Dharamshala. For those looking for some mountaineering and rock climbing, head to Reo Purgyil, Jorkanden, Shilla or Rangrik Rank and the ones who want to slide down the snow-laden mountains can go to Shimla. There is a bit of everything for everyone in Himachal.

Get Cultural

Get Cultural:  Things To Do In Himachal Pradesh
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Himachal is a land of legends and folklore. Lose yourself in the many local tales of Hadimba Mata, Jwala Ji, and Shiv-Parvati and rakshasas, nag lords and more. Further up the state, Hinduism gives way to the Buddhist culture which developed from ancient forms of paganism. The legends get even more myriad up here - of djinns and fairies and noble kings who could talk to spirits. Explore the numerous temples and monasteries. One of Spiti's oldest monasteries houses the mummy of an ancient monk.


Party:  Things To Do In Himachal Pradesh
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Being a popular tourist hub, there's always quite a sizeable number of travellers here who've come to unwind or simply have a good time away from the cities. Himachal hosts just the right number of events to get the party going. Almost each tourist hot-spot has various cafes and restro-bars organising a live music event or dance party. There are quite a few open-air parties as well that happen during the end of summer months in Parvati valley. Make the most of these events and plan your vacation accordingly.

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