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Things To Do In Mauritius

Planning A Trip To Mauritius? Here's our list of top things to do in Mauritius

A vacation in Mauritius can not just be a relaxing affair, but a reinvigorating experience. Here's a detailed guide on all the frolicking experiences you can claim for your own on this Island Nation tailing the African subcontinent. Here are some of the best things to do in Mauritius.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving:  Things To Do In Mauritius
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Mauritius is one of the hotspots to try scuba diving. The crystal clear waters around the island allow you to experience a new world of serenity. The institutes are fully equipped to give the safest and best scuba diving experience. Starting with an introductory session in a controlled environment to understand and learn the techniques of breathing underwater and maintaining buoyancy, you will feel fairly confident when your trainers lead you to shallow waters to explore the underwater world around Mauritius. The Maritim Resort and Balaclava are some of the places that offer scuba diving sessions.

Swim With Dolphins

Swim With Dolphins:  Things To Do In Mauritius
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Dolphins are a big part of exploring the magic in Mauritius. One can either take a cruise ride or take a swim off the coast of the Black River District to see these friendly water mammals up close. After some general prepping about the different varieties and some safety measures and instructions, you can hop onto a motorboat from Grande-Riviera-Noire to where the dolphins return after hunting in the sea. To be able to swim with them is one unique experience indeed.

Submarine Ride To The Bottom Of The Ocean

Submarine Ride To The Bottom Of The Ocean:  Things To Do In Mauritius
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At Trou-aux-Biches, you will find one of the most exciting rides in the world. The submarine ride will take you about 100 feet below the surface of the water. With an experienced pilot, you can safely look at the magnificent coral formations, the shipwreck of the Star Hope, the anchor of a 17th-century galleon and the diverse flora and fauna that make these waters their home. This will undoubtedly prove to be the most magical ride you will ever take.

Get Pally With Lions

Get Pally With Lions:  Things To Do In Mauritius
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The Casela Nature Park is one of the main attractions on the island. How many opportunities does one get to touch and feel a Lion? At the Casela Nature Park, you will be allowed to enter the enclosure where the big cats are kept. With guides, you can experience what it feels like to be near these majestic creatures. Watch them play, feed their young and go about their daily life. Traveling through the 35-acre Nature Park you will encounter numerous species of birds and African game animals roaming the grasslands. You may come across Zebras, ostriches, the African antelope, cheetahs and even tigers.

Quad Bike Across A Nature Reserve

Quad Bike Across A Nature Reserve:  Things To Do In Mauritius
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The Frederica Nature Reserve offers an exciting tour on a Quad bike. Explore the rugged terrains of the Reserve combined with the rich biodiversity. With a stop at the Cascade de l’Exemple, you can also dive into the pool from the waterfall which is a great way to take a break during this fun packed ride.

Horsing Around Mauritius

Horsing Around Mauritius:  Things To Do In Mauritius
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Exploring the island in itself can be a lot of fun, but doing so on horseback can be better. At Domaine de L’Etoile, you can get on a horseback to set out to observe this beautiful island nation. Indeed quite a lavish way to spend your time here.

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