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Mauritius Weather And Best Time To Visit Mauritius

Planning A Trip To Mauritius? Here's a snapshot of Mauritius weather and the best time to visit Mauritius

Lying within the south tropical belt and surrounded by water, Mauritius sees a tropical maritime climate throughout the year. Even though it can get hot and humid, the southeast trade winds balance out the atmosphere bringing in plenty of rain in their stride. The temperatures here don’t vary much seasonally or diurnally. Although, given the vast topographical diversity of the island be prepared to experience significant changes depending on what altitude you are at and your proximity to the ocean. Here is a description of the weather in Mauritius and best time to visit. 

Summer (November to May)

Summer (November to May):  Mauritius Weather And Best Time To Visit Mauritius
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Summer isn't very hot in Mauritius. Even when the temperatures rise unexpectedly, the waters and winds of the Indian Ocean provide immediate relief. The weather, on the whole, is partly hot, wet and humid. The temperatures range from 21 to 28-degree Celsius and at times can go up to 30, near the coasts. The central plateau is usually at least 3-5 degrees lower than the coastal regions of the island. These conditions allow you to explore the interiors of the island without sweating out much. This season is great for hiking and is usually the right time to explore the once volcanically active region on the island. It will be important to keep in mind that from November to April, the island runs a risk of being subjected to hurricanes. One is recommended to keep updated about the weather conditions before planning to visit around this time of the year.

Winter (May to November)

Winter (May to November):  Mauritius Weather And Best Time To Visit Mauritius
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Mauritius enjoys a relatively dry and warm winter. The humidity is slightly lower around the west coast and the temperatures stay at a pleasant average. This is the perfect time to amble about on the beaches. The water temperatures usually remain at around 22 degree Celsius making it perfect for long swims and casual water splashing.

Mauritius sees stable temperatures throughout the year, and thus is a perennially active tourist destination. But, it is usually teeming with revelers during Christmas.

Given that the island is exposed to southeastern trade winds, it receives a lot of rainfall. But compared to the south and southeast coasts, Port Louis receives half as much rain. The rains are also not as torrential, making Port Louis the hotspot during the rains.

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