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Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius

Planning A Trip To Mauritius? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Mauritius

Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean, is an exciting tropical destination. Over the years, it has accumulated fame as the playground of beach babies from all over the world. Amid shimmering sands and pristine seashores, you will enjoy whiling away time gaping at the marvelous views of the Indian ocean and savouring some truly delectable seafood. Resorts and cabanas and infinity pools stretch into the ocean, while temples and national parks beckon you. Here are our top picks of the best places to visit during your stay in Mauritius, from Chamarel to Black River Gorges National Park, Citadel Fort to Belle Mare, and many many more. 


Beaches:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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The island is surrounded by numerous beaches all unique in their beauty and the view they offer of the endless ocean. The shallow clear waters and the numerous stalls make for a pleasant family picnic at the Trou-aux-Biches beach. The Belle Mare Plage is a good choice if one wants to catch the sunrise while taking a dip. Although the Ile-aux-Cerfs Beach can get crowded during the weekends, it can be quite pleasant during the other days when it's relatively quieter. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island. The water in the Pereybere beach is relatively deep and makes for a good deep sea diving destination. With its reputation as one of the undiscovered spots in Mauritius, the La Cambuse Beach is perfect for a quiet swim. It would also be the perfect spot for a quiet romantic evening. The Le Morne beach is one of the busiest of the beaches on the island. There are numerous water sports activities that take place here and is quite popular with people who love adventure.

Black River Gorges National Park

Black River Gorges National Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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The Park is spread over about 70 kilometers and serves as the perfect destination if you like exploring wildlife, trekking, and hiking. Lots of wildlife photographers visit the place to capture the exotic flora and fauna. While on your treks you may come across the Rusa Deer, privets, and wild pigs. Try to spot some of the various bird species that flock to this park to make it their home.

Casela National Park

Casela National Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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Enjoy the Segway rides that allow you to explore the Casela National Park on wheels. You can also enter the enclosures where the lions reside. And with the help of your guides, you can touch and watch the majestic beasts from up close. For wildlife and nature enthusiasts, Casela is awesome. For photographers, even better, as they get to capture the animals in their natural habitat without being scared for their saefty. Do visit on a cool day in Mauritius.

Parc Francois Leguat

Parc Francois Leguat:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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Located on the Rodrigues Island, Parc Francois Leguat Park is known for its beautiful turtles. In fact, it is sometimes even referred to as the ‘Turtle Park’. Loads of turtles of all sizes and age inhabit the Park. You can visit here to see them crawl out of their hiding and play in the grass. Other rare species like Rodrigues fruit bats are also found here along with Giant Turtles.

Trou Aux Cerfs

Trou Aux Cerfs:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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Also referred to as Murr’s Volcano, Trou Aux Cerfs is a dormant volcano at a height of around 600 meters. The crater of this volcano is very well defined and can actually give visitors a sense of what it might have looked like while it was active. From the top of this volcano you get a 360 degree view of the whole Curepipe town. There is a jogging park around here where locals as well as tourists come to enjoy some sport and fresh air. People sit by wooden platforms and socialise, hence you can easily catch some locals and chat them up.

Tamarind Waterfalls

Tamarind Waterfalls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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The Tamarind Waterfalls are one of the most popular features of Mauritius. Formed by a series of seven cataracts on the Tamarin River, these Waterfalls will leave you spellbound. The scenery is truly stunning. They are untouched and virgin, perched near a small fishing village that goes by the name of Henrietta. For travellers who want to escape the humdrum of beaches and tourist crowd, Tamarind Waterfalls are a perfect getaway.


Eureka House

Eureka House:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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What was once the residence of English and French aristocrats has now been converted into a museum dedicated to the colonial period. Enjoy the colonial architecture, the gardens, and the tiny waterfalls. It is considered to be one of the largest houses on the island, housing maps, art, Chinese and Indian wares. The house is as old as the 19th Century and has 109 rooms in all. It is also called La Maison Creole. 


Bazaars:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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Mauritius is quite a shopping destination with plenty of bazaars to shop from. The Grand Baie Bazaar is famous for street shopping and caters to all needs of the impulse buyers. The Port Louis Market is one of the most visited places in Mauritius. Here you can buy souvenirs for loved ones, herbs, bamboo products, clothes and other things. Flick-en-Flac is yet another place to visit for shopping. One can find all sorts of things here ranging from clothes that represent the culture of Mauritius, trendy apparels, sea products and more.


Chamarel:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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Chamarel is a seven-coloured land. A unique natural phenomena has led the earth of this land to have multi coloured minerals that impart it a rainbow like appearance. Bands of blues, violets, browns, mauves and yellows are seen extending far and wide. This is due to the silicon dioxide washed into the mud. Chamarel is hence a fairly coveted tourist spot in Mauritius, attracting tourists not only for the land but also for the giant tortoises that come to breed on this land.

Port Louis

Port Louis:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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Port Louis is a quaint but beautiful little city on the edge of western Indian Ocean, dating back to the 1700s. It rests between a semicircle of mountains and a deep harbour, a mix of ancient and chic contemporary buildings, little European streets and piers. The city’s culture is bright and flamboyant, influenced as it is by Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. You can visit beaches, museums, pubs and casinos here. Some of the most spectacular tourist spots include Baie Du Tombeau Beach, Natural History Museum, Flying Dodo Brewing Company, Pamplemousses Botanical Garden and Ti Vegas Casino.

Citadel Fort

Citadel Fort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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Citadel Fort is a magnificent fort that requires a day full of exploration to see the whole of it. When in Mauritius, history buffs and architecture fanatics must visit this place. It is a marvel that stands in the midst of green jungles and mountains, with deep carvings on its ceilings and walls. There is a small town settled at the base of the fort and a little stroll through there is also recommended.

Belle Mare

Belle Mare:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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A private island that resembles a tropical postcard, Belle Mare is all pristine white beaches and crystal waters. Equipped with luxurious hotels and resorts, this makes for a sophisticated getaway in Mauritius. Many a water parks and water sports attract tourists to its sun-kissed shores. From Le Waterpark to Arts 28, you will be spoiled for choice between fun activities and museum visits. Activities like windsurfing, boat rowing, scuba diving and snorkelling are pretty famous on this island.

Underwater Waterfall

Underwater Waterfall:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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Unique natural phenomena never cease to amaze in Mauritius! This Underwater Waterfall is one such amazing place, where the silt under the Rivière Noire creates a beautiful illusion of water flowing below the actual surface. Almost as if mother nature has opened an underwater waterfall. People from all over come here to see this beauty. Helicopter rides from high above are also very popular among the tourists and give them a bird’s eye view of the awesome scenery.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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Pamplemousses Botanical Garden is a beautiful place full of blooming flowers and thick greens. Home to a huge number of flora and fauna, the species here are local as well as exotic. Pamplemousses is one of the oldest gardens around, dating back almost 300 years. You can spot Java deer, giant tortoises and many such rare animals here. As well as soak your eyes with ponds full of white lilies and lotuses. Photographers greatly enjoy this place.

Ile Aux Cerfs Beach

Ile Aux Cerfs Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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Beach babies, this one’s for you — Ile Aux Cerfs Beach!


How can a beach with such a fancy name not be fantastic? A perfect symphony of lagoons, white sands and bright sun, Ile Aux Cerfs is great to enjoy time with your loved ones. As usual, there are many cool shacks to grab a bite or chill under a cabana. You can shop for handmade local jewellery made of shells and pearls too. And indulge in scuba diving, snorkelling as well as swimming in its pristine waters.

Blue Bay

Blue Bay:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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Blue Bay is the place to let out the adventure junkie inside you. Water babies find themselves in paradise here as they get to splash around, swim, parasail, snorkel, scuba dive and do loads of other fun stuff in the water. Rafting is also available if you want to indulge in it. There is a marine park here that caters to the nature lovers, by conserving and displaying natural marine life including the supporting ecosystems of seagrasses and mangrove lands. And when you have expended all energy, you can turn to one of the many shacks on the beaches nearby to dig into some nice, greasy food.

Grand Baie

Grand Baie:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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Grand Baie is a collection of colourful markets, beaches, fast food and street food stalls as well as jungles. Unique, isn’t it? You can explore the place on foot, enjoy its sights and foods. Or choose to catch a beach and snorkel. Or swim. Or even scuba dive. They are all breath-taking here. The only drawback is that the beaches are always crowded here. Hence if you want some peace and quiet then this is not for you. For that, visit the many galleries, museums and boutique shops in Grand Baie.


Mahebourg:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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An upbeat city of Mauritius — Mahebourg is charming and delightful for tourists. It buzzes with a latent energy, showing off its pretty historic museums and cute streets and beaches. The street food in this city is amazing, as are the markets and shops. Due to its colonial hangover, Mahebourg is home to some Victorian architecture too. The Monday Market is quite famous here, as is the Rault Biscuit Factory.

Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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Grand Bassin or the Grand Talao is a beautiful sacred temple of Shiva. This Hindu temple’s sanctum is also home to other Sanatan gods and goddesses. With aartis, hymn chants and bhajans all day, this place is always buzzing with religious vibes. Many Hindus of the region consider Grand Bassin a pilgrimage. And the natural setting of a lake surrounding the shrine adds to that quiet, tranquil charm.

Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues Island:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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Rodrigues Island is like a small nature village, with a wildlife park inside its confines. The quaint charm of this island is so chill and slow, that it is said that Rodrigues Island shows you a Mauritius that existed 25 years ago. When Mauritius was not a popular tourist spot on every beach baby’s radar and so many resorts didn’t populate its coastline. Here, you get to gorge on the authentic local cuisine and enjoy activities like fishing, hiking and zip lining.

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius
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Notre Dame Auxiliatrice is a Catholic Church. Its uniqueness lies in its make, in the bright red roof and the beautiful statue of Mother Mary in its sanctum. Notre Dame Auxiliatrice is pretty famous in Mauritius, almost like a landmark. It is perched on the edge of land, with clear blue sea on one side and green verdant carpet on the other. The church opens at 9.30 every morning and closes by 7 every evening. Tourists are allowed inside.

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