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Things To Do In Bali

Planning A Trip To Bali? Here's our list of top things to do in Bali

Despite its small geographical expanse, Bali enjoys a vast topographical diversity with spectacular beaches and equally majestic hills and some fairly menacing volcanoes. From walks down the rugged coasts to sight-seeing the bubbling volcanoes amid dense forests, Bali has so many things to offer.  

Art and Culture

Art and Culture:  Things To Do In Bali
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Explore Bali's wide variety of traditional artworks and handicrafts all steeped in an ancient cultural identity. If you’re an art collector, you might find some fairly good deals. Be sure to find coconut shell and pearl handiworks besides leather products. Another traditional craft famous in Bali is batik. Most of the batik work is concentrated in Ubud village. A visit here is a must if you want to explore the traditions of the Balinese and their exquisite handiwork.

Water Sports

Water Sports:  Things To Do In Bali
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Nusa Dua happens to be the hub for all types of water sports. For those interested in scuba diving, consider exploring the insides of a shipwreck for an experience like never before. Other activities here include snorkeling, deep sea walking, para sailing and flying fish among others. Lots to do for all water lovers.

Seafood and Cocktails

Seafood and Cocktails:  Things To Do In Bali
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You’re definitely missing out on a lot if you’re in Bali and haven’t tried their seafood. For the classic Seafood and cocktails combination against the spectacular backdrop of the setting sun, head to the Rock Bar at Ayana or Potato Heads in Seminyak. While these are the two of the more famous locations, you are sure to find many such hidden gems in this ever-surprising city.


Temples:  Things To Do In Bali
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Among the famous temples in Bali, the two that you should definitely see is the Tanah Lot Temple and the Uluwatu temple. The entrance to Tanah Lot gets submerged during high tides, and you can visit the temple only during low tides. Here you could also visit the snake park. Locals believe that the snakes possess the power to grant all wishes and thus worship them.

Treks and Walking Trails

Treks and Walking Trails:  Things To Do In Bali
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With a number of hills around the island and even an active volcano, a trek or walk up to the top is a must for the adventurous. While you can also view Mt. Batur and Kintamani from afar, it will be a transcending experience walking along the crater of these volcanoes. The Mount Batur Trek will take approximately three and half hours requiring medium fitness levels. Experience the sunrise on the volcano with a breakfast of bread and eggs boiled on the volcano crater. Carry enough water to keep hydrated. 

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